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My 3OH!3 mural

My 3OH!3 mural
Posted by DJMeister
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Colorado Sunrise is my favorite 3OH!3 song, so I decided that for 3OH!3 day I would paint it and dedicate the whole wall to 3OH!3 and the concerts i've been to of theirs! I put up the tshirts I've made for concerts and my pictures and posters around the lyrics to my to favorite verses and a silhouette of me and my cousin, Jacqui, making the 3OH!3 sign. I wore my Streets of Gold album cover shirt to school and shouted "HAPPY 3OH!3 DAY" in every class and wrote it all over every white board... my teachers hate me so it's cool. :) I <3 3OH!3

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auwkk's picture

WOOOOOOW i want that roooom!

i love sean foreman's picture

i want my room to look like that

Carolineluvs303's picture

This is really awesome! Colorado Sunrise is my favorite song too. :)

ILuvvs3OH3's picture

Thats so coool!

ChloLuvs3OH3x's picture

this is amazing ^^ x

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Nina_4's picture

I wish I could steal your room! So nice :)

DJMeister's picture

haha yeah it took about 5 days... but it was worth it!

Ray's picture

Did that take forever, or what? That's so awesome. My momma is hard to convince, but I really wanna paint the 3OH!3 hands on my wall.

KayleighO95's picture

That's epic hahah