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Today is Nat's Birthday!


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    Today is Nat's Birthday!
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    3OH!3 WebCrew on January 13, 2012

    Leave your birthday wishes for Nat in the comments below...

    -3OH!3 WebCrew

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on January 13, 2012

Leave your birthday wishes for Nat in the comments below...

-3OH!3 WebCrew


kylekennystan's picture

im late, i know , im sorry but stay happy nat i love u .....
charlotteblu's picture

happy Birthday Nat! Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!
jazmuhhn silvva's picture

happy Fudging birthday!!!...i am so sad i didn't realize this sooner >.
T0b3's picture

Happy Birthday Nääät x)
pepperponny's picture

Happy Birthday Nat hope you have a great day
dominiquegarcia89's picture

happy birthday nat :D i hope you had a wonderful day!
paige's picture

Happy birthday Nat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):) I love youu ! 3OH!3 is my life ! I don't know what i would do without you
Sara Motte's picture

happy birthday nat !! love u :)
barbara's picture

Happy Birthday again!! ?
BrynaMotte3's picture

Happy Birthday, Nat!!! Im ur biggest fan!!
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Teresa's picture

Have a sweet Birthday Nat, close to your loved ones always. 28 is a good number. Be happy!
Mary_What's picture

Happy Birthday ;))
Amira Temperini's picture

Nat ! i love you so muuuuch !!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!
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jojo13617's picture

Happy birthday Nat. c:
paulinhat2's picture

Happy b-day amazing one! Wish you the best. You deserve it. :)
ChloLuvs3OH3x's picture

happy birthday Nat have an amazing day/evening :D best wishes, eat lots of cake! :P xx
xXxDarkSunsetxXx's picture

Ani303's picture

Today is a very special day, it's January 13th, the day where 1 of my idols was born, Happy Birthday Nat i love you! : From Peru.
Rellison's picture

Happy Birthday Nat! Make it one of the best to remember! I hope you get everything you want on your special day(: Love your biggest fan, Rebecca
BEY's picture

Très Joyeux Anniversaire!
Niamhykinsxox's picture

bit late. but yeah ll the same HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!
kim's picture

happy birthday hun
brandon3oh3's picture

Happy Birthday bro
Karen Solórzano's picture

Happy Birthday Nat :D Hope that you had a beautiful day with your family & friends :)! blessings & congratulations! in spanish too :) felíz cumpleaños :D bendiciones :)
ivania's picture

ivania's picture

happy birthday ! :) nat i love you :):) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3oh3! is my llifeeeeeeeeee and i love you sean
alena griffey's picture

naaaaaaat ! happy birthday ! :) i looove you , your super hot and awesome ! o: !!!! xoxo's picture

Happy Birthday Nat, hope you have a blast. Pleeease get back down to Oz soon i need a great night out :)