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Follow Him Down


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    Follow Him Down
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    Nat on April 01, 2010

    this kid rules - anyone know who he is? we need to make a legit video with him...

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on April 01, 2010

this kid rules - anyone know who he is? we need to make a legit video with him...


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his name is antonio oliver. lol he goes to my school.?
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i luv the part when he turns around when everyones starring and hes like yo wtf? lol
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LMAO I might die of laughter.People in the background. :P
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LOL the one guy just like stops and stares..........
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These people at the back . . . hahahahah ; d
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Haha. Siick. IN the apple store. Imma take my girlfrieds in there and record one of your songs. HAHA. that would be epic. Oooo... IDEA FORMING!!!!!!!!!
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well the song was made by white people so it makes sense they would be the ones to recognize his talent with their song. And Usher discovered Justin Bieber. That's the reverse. (Black discovering White)
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kewl this kid got talent anyone else realize only white pple stop to look @ wt he was doin loved the vid althou i could do that to any of their songs -love both of ya (3oh!3) -forever -not your grlf bby :x
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3oh!3...don't know the best way to contact u guys... i would like to invite you out to the Pony Club Lounge on Scalp Avenue for a crazy night of drinking and music... there is already a band and dj scheduled so u guys can relax and enjoy... let me know asap (re-post this blog, tweet) so I can get u directions (its like 3 minutes away from upj campus) and reserve a VIP lounge...
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very brave !!
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show very cool
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i don' know who is he.. :/ but i like (: you really should make a video with him . you guys are great :* love you nat ??
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I KNOW HIM! his name is nicholi white He is famous on youtube! THIS IS HIS YOUTUBE! I hope i helped Thats him though!!! BYE NAT BYE SEAN! -Ruthie Power
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he has a youtube account called nicholifavs..
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i dont know who he is but! i would love doing a video with you guys! :) i freakin love you guys! i have a group about you on face book called "3oh!3 teaches me about life!" and my myspace is you guys are my heroes! :) you guys should really come down to South Padre Island! here in Texas! it would be so very amazing!
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why!!!!!!its a stupid video!!!!? i could do somthing waaaayyyy cooler! love neal drew
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I can find him, I live in NYC hahah.. :P
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if u guys wanna find him this is him