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3OH!3 Live Ustream Chat - Thursday at 3pm ET / 12pm PT


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    3OH!3 Live Ustream Chat - Thursday at 3pm ET / 12pm PT
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    3OH!3 WebCrew on February 03, 2010

    3OH!3 will be chatting live tomorrow at 3pm EST.  Check back here tomorrow to participate.

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on February 03, 2010

3OH!3 will be chatting live tomorrow at 3pm EST.  Check back here tomorrow to participate.


Helena_4's picture

Sexy name V
Helena_3's picture

we luv u guys, every one of your song is our fave :) brilliant lyrics,what can we say... u two fight? xDD 2.will u guys tour europe soon? *.*
Steph_rpr's picture

are you guys planning a tour in peru anytime soon?
xriotstarter13x's picture

Hey guys, I wanna start by thanking you for being awesome and also for keeping you music out of the mainstream, even though it is being pulled that way. My question for you is: What would you say you like more, the satisfaction of producing a piece of music that expresses your ideas and thoughts or the rush of adrenaline that you get when you walk onto stage and realize that the thousands of people that are out there are screaming for you? I love you guys. :] ~Allie
12elizabeth12's picture

Where do i go to watch the video??
horrificallydeliciousBREE's picture

1.) Which one of your guys' songs do you think is going to be your next #1 hit ??? 2.)Nate , describe Sean in one word ; Sean describe Nate in one word . Luhh yeahh guyys
MHunt330's picture

1. When will the song "My FIrst Kiss" with Ke$ha be released? 2. Who is the girl that sings on "Follow Me"? 3. Do you guys know how fucking awesome you are? 4. What is your favorite tv show? 5. What are some of your favorite bands/singers?
colormesomething's picture

can you please go on a date with me??
Lil_Lost_Lenore's picture

Sean i heard rumars that that you are engaged is this true? i know ur dating and ur gf is adorable by the way. but is it true that ur about to tie the knot? Ps seen u twice live and both time got to meet and greet w u guys, and i do have to say sean and nat u guys are the most nicest celebs that ive ever met and ive met plenty of famous people. not to mention every cd u put out i can listen to over and over again and not get sick of it and love every song on each cd. That doesnt happen very often when u buy a cd and love every song on it, u guys are great i see u guys getting huge in popularity in the yrs to come. Love Leah aka @Lil_Lost_Lenore
Tyra29436's picture

1) What's the wierdist or crazist thing a fan has ever done? 2) What color are your eyes? 3) current girlfriend is? 4) How much do you guys wiegh? 5 )Who was your first kiss (and how old were you)? 6) What are your middle names?
303hatman's picture

Either of you going to P.O.S. at The Marquis tomorrow, it is going to be dope? (Obviously still failing in comparison to a 3OH!3 show though.)
Meaghan's picture

If you could fuck up anyone's life famous or not, for one day who would it be and why?
xXC7AIR3Xx's picture

what is your name on Ustream?!?! what is your favourite song??? have ye a girlfriend??? have ye a celebrity crush and who??? love ye! ;) xxx
JennieUK's picture

@Sean - Are the random photo's you take of fans on your camera ever gonna see the light of day? We wanna see them!!!
thau's picture

who'd win in a fight 3OH!3 or New Kids On The block?
frenchone's picture

When will you come back to Paris
ISoundLikeAWeirdo's picture

Which of you two is sexier? Favorite superhero?
3ohswiss's picture

@Sean I like your beard...grow it back!
3ohswiss's picture

@Nat: Can you do the weird thing with your feet again?
3OHMe's picture

Since you guys are starting to go more mainstream, do you see yourself touring with more of the justin bieber and jason derulo crowd, or sticking with your warped tour kinda crowd?
3OHMe's picture

When is your next U.S. tour going to be? And who might you be touring with? I love you guys so much, and u get me through my days :)
mirko D's picture

will tou ever come to Roooome?!? pleaseeeee! we'd really love to see you ;D you're GREAT !
Helena_4's picture

BTW, Will You guys ever come to Israel?
Helena_4's picture

Can't wait :
amanda_wys's picture

will you guys have a tour for asia? come to Hong Kong PLZ!!!!
3OHdeeelann's picture

OMFGG YOU GUYS ARE LIKE AWESOME! i just want to ask if your going to make a song with Lady Gaga if so, DAM 3OH!3 & LADY GAGA TOP OF THE CHART, LIKE NUMBER 1 FOR SURE! Oh & also do you like Australian fans?, cause Australia loves 3OH!3 that's for sure!
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CiaraSheily's picture

I am anxious to hear back about whether or not I can sing Katy Perry's part in "Starstrukk" on April 22nd...? I'm thinking it would be pretty amazing. You can contact me directly at ;)
elizabethrose__2's picture

I just wanna know when are me & Nat getting married? Follow me on twitter sweetness! & you better answer my question brat!
303hatman's picture

Assuming at least one of you watched the game, what did you think of the CU vs KU game? I was reppin' the 3OH!3 the whole time especially when Chokechain came on at half.