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I'm Not Comin' To Your Party Girl

Now Playing I'm Not Comin' To Your Party Girl
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I'm Not Comin' To Your Party Girl

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on October 05, 2009

I'm Not Comin' To Your Party Girl

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Average: 4.9 (11 votes)
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mercy102996♥'s picture

i absolutely love this hilarious song :)

Pete Coggan's picture

"I'm Not Comin' To Your PArty Girl" just happens to be featured in the upcoming feature film, Woodshop. Woodshop was filmed exclusive in the Guys' home town of Boulder freaking Colorado

KinseyStarship's picture

This Song Makes Me Lafff A Lot(:

foremansgirl19's picture

i forgot how much i loved this songg....hahahaa

lizzyB.'s picture

havnt heard diz song in forever i love lol

3Babies's picture


@0800idobetter's picture

this song make me laugh (:

Apollonia♥'s picture

Yeah ! :)?

@0800idobetter's picture

nice, has so many people who need to hear this song hahaha'

3oh3 amazing's picture

That is awesome! lol

missmotte's picture

hahaha. when people ask me if i WANT to come to their party, i reply with "I'm Not Coming To Your Party Girl" whether they're a girl or not.