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About Me: 
hello my lovelies! i am Mady and i have a P!ATD and 3OH!3 account im using this bio for both! (dont ask me to choose who my fave band is between 3OH!3 and Panic!, because that's like trying to pick who your favorite child is!) i love them all equally!! if you comment me i'll make sure to comment back <3 <3 <3
Favorite Bands: 
beck, 3oh!3 (of course!!), down with webster, hellogoodbye, nevershoutnever, Panic! at the disco, All Time Low, Blink 182, Matt &amp; Kim, Paramore, Blood on the Dance Floor, Breather Carolina, Daft Punk, Fall out boy, OK GO, fun., The hush sound
United States
mady, hollywood, buddy holly(only when i have my nerd glasses on)
lots of different stuff but mostly golf and filming. but of course, 3oh!3 is my biggest interest (next to film art)
Favorite Songs: 
every single 3oh!3 song EVER! always, feelin this, down, all the small things, whats my agae again?-blink 182 brick by boring brick, monster,misery business, crushcrushcrush-paramore every p!atd and all time low song ruling me-weezer headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet-fall out boy waiting. blackout, rescue, hello fascination- breathe carolina candy land- BOTDF wine red, not your concern, as you cry- the hush sound time travel, until i die alone, robot, silver ecstasy-nevershoutnever loser, e-pro, hell yes, soldier jane, devils haircut- beck monster, stronger-kanye west would it kill you?, coppertone, oh it is love-hellogoodbye aint no rest for the wicked, around my head- cage the elephant big wheels, G.T.F.O, professional, whoa is me, rich girl-down with webster this too shall pass-OK GO i dont wanna dance-hey monday red paint, cameras, block after block- Matt &amp; Kim at least im not as sad as i used to be- fun. contact high- Architecture of Helsinki
Favorite Places: 
washington d.c., chicago and my aunts cabin at her lake
Favorite Movies: 
every harry potter, funny girl, sherlock holmes, tron, easy A, the 3OH!3 documentary, hangover, 50/50, rear window, the help and like a HELL of a lot more
Favorite Quotes: 
two can keep a secret if one is dead
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
I rode my first roller coaster at the end of eighth grade and was so scared at first but absolutley loved it!! I loved it so much that I rode it 9 times
What was the last book you read?: 
will grayson, will grayson
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
the november 3rd show in the orbit room. first 3oh!3 show ever and it totally KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!