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About Me: 
In ten years I hope to be doing something I love and that is fun.
Favorite Bands: 
The Band, Jimmy Eats World, Death Cab For Cutie
Sean Foreman
Boulder, CO
Comic Books, Books, Bikes, Music
Favorite Songs: 
Can’t Do It Alone
Favorite Places: 
Colorado, New York, Chicago, San Francisco
Favorite Movies: 
Good Will Hunting
Favorite Quotes: 
"man can be destroyed but not defeated"
What day of the month were you born?: 
August 27, 1985
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I rode my bike from Brooklyn to Boulder


kristin_2's picture

sean!! call me! 406.600.4436
I love your music!

3oh3D's picture

hii seann, ii thinkk youu aree amazinn andd ii lovee youu!!

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3OH3FOREVER1324's picture

that was such an awesome concert in atlanta!!!! i loved it you guys were great!!!!

ohmy3oh3's picture

3oh!3 is the most awesome band in the world, you guys rockk!!!

andyy's picture

I love you. Ahahaha but really! You're the shitttt (:

czyohczy's picture

hey Sean, come to Poland! I'm your the biggest polish fan!

kenziekun's picture

hai, i loved your show in Pompano Beach, FL. SUPER AWESOME! i threw a not on stage and i reeeeaallyyy hope you got it

JCBoteon's picture

Never trust on 3OH!3
You're the best!

meh's picture

hey sean i totaly love u guys. maybey we could get togather and laydown a track sometime? email me at
lotsa love ur way,

@0800idobetter's picture

Hey feat Lil jon is awesome!

SaportaSupporta's picture

Hey Sean!!! Remember me? Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the seats @ Reno 5-23-10!!!

laurenator89's picture


My name is Lauren. I am currently in the Iraq right now in the Army. I was thinking maybe you guys could come and down a concert for the soldiers over here! I love you band, the music is amazing.

indiedarlingashley's picture

Hey Sean! (: You should come to Virginia when you get the chance. We don't really get a lot of (good) bands here, but I'd be so happy if you guys came.

REma_2's picture

hey sean come to egypt iam your biggest fan egyptienne's picture

hey sean! I doubt you'll see this comment, but I think you should come to detroit :) I live in Canada, but if you came there I'd for suuuure make the trip to see you guys! xoxo

Ajester90's picture

it was awesome meeting u guys in altamonte springs Fl

Dessa Martins's picture

Jesus, I live in Brazil :O
We need 3OH!3 here (y)
Ps: Jimmy Eats World rock.


norcalmallen91's picture

I saw u guys with cobra starship in san fran in may. loved the wolves with laser eyes that was so cool. my sister had never been to a concert before so i bought her tickets and we went and saw u guys she loved it. cant wait to see u guys for another tour. luv ya guys

keshaOH3's picture

Are you having any signings?

Pieguyy's picture

I know your probaly not seeing this, but you guys really need to post deja vu on your site. (if you do plz mention me!!!!)

dcolon's picture

when will your next live web chat be??

Poke-Yo Dotted's picture

How many tattoos do you have? what are they of?

madisonleigh's picture

:) hi. lol

Kelsi's picture

Omg! sean there is this vid of u playing
a guitar and singing ....and
speachless! i literally cried ...its like
so should really record it!

Fii .'s picture

Hey* if by any chance anyone is reading this, could you guys come to Portugal ?! x) could you leave America for a few seconds, and come to crzy Europe ?! you would fit right in ; )

Fii .'s picture

you REALLY look like a close 'colourful friend' of mine =P. . .creepy ! xD LOL {but cool xP}

Zee♥'s picture

You.Are.Awesome.And.I.Love.Youuuuuuuu ?

colemanshelley's picture

hey guys, i was just wondering if you guys could give members a free download of "Sex on the Beach" from The Real World: Cancun, cuz its not on itunes and i really want it! i bet other hardcore fans want it to!
btw, i pre orderd the gold edition of streets of gold! cant wait!

lmobabehh's picture

oh how i love you(: my baby sister (she's a year old) dances to your music(: it's the cutest thing! oh and all oh my friends have the hots for you(:

xxprettygurlxx1's picture

i luv u soooooo much sean.....i am the only one in my family out of my cousions and sisters and mom that luv u and ur music..... i listen to u like all the time and i am 13 so........... i am like so stupid at this age and i hav the biggest crush on u ever....

Pieguyy's picture

REALLY sorry that streets of gold leaked out... Im definitly NOT gonna download it. Your awesome!!!!

SeanForemanLover's picture

OMG! i love you!! hahahha

SeanForemanLover's picture

ok im like 12 and i have the biggest crush on seriously! :):):):):):):)

SaRa_12's picture

ur friggin awesome dude!!!

Luar - Ojo fatuo's picture

Hi Sean:
My name is Jennifer DiLuzio with “DiLuzional Sessions”. I represent different DJ’s around the United States and the world, and I am a promoter as well.
One of my DJ’s, DJ Luar, created a remix of 3OH!3 from the track “Don’t Trust Me.” There is a record label/distributor in the UK that is very interested in this remix. It’s an amazing electro/rock remix and I know you will love it.
DJ Luar has been in the music world for more than 23 years. He was rated the number 1 DJ in his country, Venezuela for 3 consecutive years. He also won the Cannes Festival in France. Here is the link for the remix:

We need to license this song from you and we want to know if we deal directly with you or with the record label. What is the process to get this licensed? We really want the permission to release this remix. This will help promote 3OH!3 around the world and increase your sales and booking shows. Please respond at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your time,
Best regards.

Jennifer DiLuzio
CEO DiLuzional Sessions

fangsup27's picture

Hi Sean, I just saw this page and saw we have the same birthday! =D

seanandme's picture

Oh sean you are the hottest guy I have ever sean!! I love you so much and can you plllleeeaassseee come to ohio so my parens will acctually let me see you guys perform :))

macandcheese3's picture

i agree with everything seanandme says. you are howt and please come to OHIO!!

Nathania's picture

hey we have the same birthday ,sean! fo sure ,i swear! :D love you!

sarahgee's picture

ahhh i love sean!

ellennbabbyyy.'s picture

youre hottt. hahah. favorite bandddd! come too like dc or baltimore or somethingggg! i reallyy wanna see a concertt! you guys are greatt. (:

3OH3 LOVERRR's picture

i was pretty much hyperventalating when i started listening to Streets of Gold!! Congrats!!!!!!

Roxanneabc's picture

Hey my nameis Roxanne Buchanan and im a HUGE fan of you guys and i was wondering for your next video I could star in it ? :D That would make my dream come true ! i love you guys so much ! Ive never not like one of your songs and I'm hoping you will write me back and let me knoe (: Thank you so much

MissSwiss's picture

i bet you get all the girls like snap. ughhhh sooo hawt hawt hawt

PandaGIR's picture

You guys should come to a clean place in like Tulsa... Ive never been to a concert and I would really like the first one to be you guys. And I think it would be awesome if you guys went on the show Silent Library if your into those things.. :)

DreamingOutLoud's picture

Are you coming to CT by any chance for your tour or is the tour all out of the US??

Lindsay_3's picture

yur so hott

Kelliee''s picture

i wana fuck you hard, your just so hot (; ? xx

AppleDainty's picture

Hey, if you really do make it out to Japan, I will totally buy tickets for the concert! If you like comics and animation, you have got to check out the Ghibli museum in Mitaka - it's really amazing. And if you guys need a guide for the city, just shoot me an email. :) I'm living about a half hour out from the heart of Tokyo and I'm always willing to give a hand. Plus, I know all the best comic book shops!