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About Me: 
In ten years I hope to be doing something I love and that is fun.
Favorite Bands: 
The Band, Jimmy Eats World, Death Cab For Cutie
Sean Foreman
Boulder, CO
Comic Books, Books, Bikes, Music
Favorite Songs: 
Can’t Do It Alone
Favorite Places: 
Colorado, New York, Chicago, San Francisco
Favorite Movies: 
Good Will Hunting
Favorite Quotes: 
"man can be destroyed but not defeated"
What day of the month were you born?: 
August 27, 1985
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I rode my bike from Brooklyn to Boulder


SpacedOutSuperhero's picture

I stole your comment boxs virginity! =D

Sinann's picture

Hey so, any plans to play in Dublin?

Lizzy_3's picture

I love you!!!
Is this all new.....?
Come back to New Jersey, please.

Winnie's picture

Gotta say u guys wer totaly bril @ Dunedin on Friday!!! Loved you guys so much! Haha i threw my glow stick at ur balls xD Fun night x

MeganFox's picture

I try to come to your concert in Hamburg, it´s the same time when my best friend celebrate her birthday and I would like to ask if you have backstage tickets?

NeatFreak47_7's picture

Hey Sean,
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we both have the same favorite song(:
Come to Washington DC! Me & my friend ADORE you guys!

livinginsin_x's picture

Man i am so gutted - dont think i can get to see you guys in Glasgow pain in the arse if you ask me.

Anyways if your looking for somebody to hang out with while your there :) hit me up - more than happy to show you the town :) before or after the gig loads of kool places to go out.. eat drink dance :) your name it - why wait ten years to dos something fun you enjoy ;)

katyloves3OH3's picture

i love you and dont worry i know you love me way more than anyone else who writes on here so you dont even have to say it:)
lalallaa okay well i will go do something besidess talk to myself on here because you probably wont ever see this anyways haha okay bye

katyloves3OH3's picture

oh btw i saw you at vans warped tour soo :P :P
to everyone that didnt :D

Courtanay's picture

ummm. i love you.
thats all i can even say : )

StarStrukkBabe93's picture

ummm, I love you waayyyyy more than any of these people and I haven't been able to get tickets to your recent concerts!!!! OMG! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! -StarStrukkBabe93

sonne_'s picture

Happy to see you guys on Wednesday. ;) Hope your show will be great ( I think it will be great) Greets from Germany.

Tiffie's picture

Colorado says Hello :-) Don't get too homesick

raychrawrlrazorblade's picture

i am not gonna be very girl that comments on this put I LOVE YOU!!! or can you come to _____ plz!!
(fill in place)
but your just so damn sexy (:

Jay Heery's picture

wow you biked it from new york to boulder.

props kidquizine

its__bunny's picture

Thanks for coming to Australia, saw you at The Hi-Fi West End on the 15th of Oct, you guys put on a great show! Those milk crates you were standing on were almost as suave as Nat. Very impressive =P

You should bike from Boulder to Baja. Then you can really call yourself a man.
Just messin

Have a good one! x

DanceMaryMusic's picture

Can't do it Alone is my favorite song too (:

3OH3Pinkducky4ever's picture

the fact that you rode your bike from brooklyn to boulder just fascinates me!!!! and i totally thought you guys were older than me by like 6 years no idea that we were only a year or so apart... wow so young and doing such GREAT stuff!!!! ROCK THE FUCK ON!!!!!!

freakinandie's picture

i was reading ur bio and u n my brother were born on the same day... crazy

Cherry95's picture

i love the pic its freakin awesomely hott

Chuck Sass's picture

you slay,

HotMess_2's picture

you're hot.
just sayin :)

iLovee3OH3's picture

You're Fit ! And Ca-uteee :)
Just Wanted Youu To Knoww..

sonne_'s picture

Your show at Cologne was so amazing! Can't wait to see you again.
Thank you for a photo and the autographs.

carrieanneturner's picture

im in love

krissyislmao's picture

can't wait until you come to COLORADO!!

neonlime's picture

Show @Hamburg, Germany

Its very fortunate you guys played so close to where my friends and I were studying abroad.

Thanks for the show, and the conversation afterward.

From the Loud American from SteamBoat, CO


PS next time you come to The Rave, we will be rock'n with you.

Crazyobsession12's picture

I love your songs!!!! You should really come down to Portland Maine!!! I would love to meet you guys!!!! LOve you

Jatkins's picture

And when will you be coming down undah! to Aus?!! Hmmmm? I'm waiting!

Saraaah's picture

Might get tickets to jingleball i want to go so bad im begging my parents

GennyIsRevolution's picture

love you

MuffinLuvzU's picture

LMAO YOUR AWSOMES my fav song is i cant do it alone too!!!!!!!!! =D 3OH!3 rox mai sox!!

Ballerado Chick's picture

haha ya... only a person from boulder would ride that far on a bike!
love ya!

Lenaa's picture

Heii Heii.

Can U Come To Germany,Hamburg Again PLEASE!
I Wanted To See Your Show But I Couldn't Get Tickets.:'(


Beccaa _2's picture

Please can you play at the metro radio arena in newcastle next year in april? just its my birhday then and i love you guys :)


smydhoe's picture


Brook Foreman's picture

Hiiii guuys , I'm from brazil and me and the fans want you here and we love soo much so COME TO BRASIL PLEASEEEEE *-----*


jordancalli08's picture

Hey guys you all should come to Kentucky sometime.

don'tdance93's picture

just thought i'd let you know that hott, hornz, and say'dem up are pretty much amazing. i love how you guys always come on stage to the beginning of hornz, and i can always sing along. because everyone else in the crowd is retarded and they only know don't trust me. don't get me wrong, i love the song. i just hate poser fans. :) kay have a terriffic day! and happy thanksgiving.

Nina_4's picture

hi :)
Just wanna say that you rock and keep rockin'
It will delightful if you pay a visit to Malaysia :)

Love? :)

La DD's picture

Sean u r so cute!! Come to Mexico sooon!! love yaaa guys!!

bradey10's picture

sean email me at

speedweb's picture

I love your song Dont Trust me. I want to make a music video with the song for youtube. Do I get permission from you or is there a special place I have to go. Thanks.

avy_babi2009's picture

Come to OKC,OK please! It would be so awesome to see you and Nat on stage at the Ford Center or Cox Convention Center! Loved you guys in the last music vid! So hawt!
E-mail me and let me know k?


Natalieaz's picture

Please come to Arizona next year!! It would be awesome if you could do it in May since thats my birthday :) Love you!

SpiderMonkeyy's picture


Is There Any Chance That Your Going To Be Performing In England ? And If So Where Could I Buy Tickets ?x

Oh, Dude... Your Awsome,, So Keep Rockin' !!

Love ??

Lil_Lost_Lenore's picture

In ten years I hope to be doing something I love and that is fun.
i love you and im fun, ;)

Iloveseanforeman♥'s picture

Sean Foreman, you are an talented and amizingg artist , plus your Extremely beautiful

Sabrina_3's picture

I would like to know if 3OH! 3 will come in France, in Paris? :)

breeze's picture

hey so i was at not so slint night in sa last night it was really great but ........... wat the hell is up with the no t-shirts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wanted a bad ass shirt and didnt get one cus i didnt want one from any other badn just nexted time yall are her plz bring shirts lol thanks and yall where kick ass last night !!! thank you breeze hardy