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About Me: 
HeY All! :) I'm Paulinne, i'm from POland and i'm BIG 3oh!3 Fan! ;) I <3 music 4ever! I <3 singing, dancing, I've got my own account on Youtube, there i got my songs , and if you wanna listening that you can catch me there :
Favorite Bands: 
P.G ;D, Paula
MUSIC&amp;amp;amp;lt; SPORT&amp;amp;amp;lt; ( no school ) ;) 3oh!3 of course ;)
Favorite Songs: 
Don't Trust me - 3oh!3 Startrukk - 3oh!3 Blah Blah Blah - kesha &amp;amp;amp;amp; 3oh!3 I'm not your Boyfriend baby - 3oh!3 Everything I do - Bryan Adams FOLLOW ME DOWN~!!! MY FIRST KISS :D well , hmmmmmmmmm... and any others song ( too much to write ) ;)
Favorite Places: 
every Places in poland ( enjoy that! ) ;) I wanna visit all AMERICA ;)) SPAIN&amp;amp;amp;lt; ITALIAN, ....
Favorite Movies: 
Favorite Quotes: 
What month were you born?: 
What day of the month were you born?: 
15,August 1994
What's a fun fact about you?: 
hahaha .. well, I really Love WWE ( wrestling ) and i dreaming to bacome WWE diva in future, i was fighting with everybody in my home ;) Even with my dog hahah &amp;amp;amp;lt;lol&amp;amp;amp;gt;
What was the last book you read?: 
some school shits ;)
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
i'm really big 3oh!3 fan , but ask me if i'll ever see some show! 3oh!3 must come to POLAND or EUROPE! &lt;3 ;DD


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I'm good thanks

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heyy whats up? pretty good :D you?

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hellooo! whoah youre from poland?

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:) i heard about the bad news that your country is in some kind of trouble...... so sorry to hear that :( anyway i'm extremely frustrated about the school things. im facing the semester test you see and its kinda hard for all of us and we have to study like crazy! how are you?

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haha thank you :) im hoping you'll get well soon! no no no im not from usa. im from this small country called indonesia known as the most crowded country and too many terrorist. but on the bright side, we have Bali.... you know about bali?

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oh thats the famous island. many people thought that bali is a country and indonesia is a city inside bali. hahaha. i really want to visit poland sometimes..... any cool place you suggest me to see?

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Zawsze ciesz? si?, kiedy znajdzie mnie kto? z Polski :)
Bardzo si? ciesz?, ?e nas tu quite a lot ;)

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fiine thanks:) and u ?

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A sk?d jeste??

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im from poland but i dont speak it =] i

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okay. the name of the island is BALI. so whats in bali? theres this beautiful ocean with great waves and so many adventurous places there hahaha. I WANT TO GO TO POLAND, REALLY! hahahaha how the flood?

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Tak, mam nadziej?, ?e wrodzona awersja nie wp?ynie na nasze kontakty ;) Ja jednak nie przywi?zuj? wagi do przynale?no?ci regionalnych :P

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Im great! (apart from my exams) how about u? x

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Hey! ja tez jestem z Polski :P

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hej :) ja te? z polski