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About Me: 
I am a factory girl, won't you pardon me? I'm a 14-year-old girl from Munich,Germany.I love 3OH!3 and I'm so happy that I've been to their show in Munich on May 10th. (It's prob. the 303rd time I mentioned this..) !!! I could spend all my free time on this website,I'm trying 2 hard ;) If I'm not online,I'm prob. drawing,at school,hanging out w. friends,playing basketball or playing field hockey :) Are you bored?? -Leave a comment... -and after u left the comment ; should try to talk to Jen,Andrea,Mrz.Motte*,3oh3forever,ball3rado,Tami,aiqverLuky,3OH!3FREAKK14 or NatMotteLover3OH!3...!! -btw,the best pics are filed under 'house party' ...SEAN LOVERS FOR THE WIN! Nat lovers took over this page....obviously.;) ok there's 1 more thing I have to say: I just noticed that.. ...3OH!3 + Justin Bieber = Two and a half men ;D
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3 Paramore All Time Low Simple Plan The Maine Maroon 5 Arcade Fire Death Cab for Cutie New Found Glory Every Avenue Rise Against The Pretty Reckless Blink-182 OneRepublic Mayday Parade The Offspring
6 1/2 pack,Winnetouch,Buckwild,Flex
Glamour Kills reading music 3OH!3 hanging out w. friends sports (not only watching ) :b this website the Centennial state... visiting the ''Marienplatz'' ( 3OH!3 had a beer there..xDD)
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Favorite Places: 
London,UK Munich,Germany Berlin,Germany Zell am See,Austria Spain Toulouse,France Seattle,WA Breckenridge,CO Denver,CO
Favorite Movies: 
Zodiac Alice in Wonderland Wedding Crashers House Bunny The Other Guys Easy A Beastly Rush Hour 3 The Day After Tomorrow Spring Break Shark Attack Borat Vampires Suck Jarhead Unstoppable Big Momma's Movies :D Brueno
Favorite Quotes: 
''The show in Munich was rad -- It was in this big complex of beer and food and all things that are good. We slammed around as usual and a lot of kids were stoked. After the show I was gonna throw strawberries out our dressing room window at people waiting for Katy outside, but I got scared of Katy's manager and p****ed out like a little b*tch. I'm such a b*tch. I can't even be a bad boy. I was gonna beam some poor fan in the dome and it would have been great, but at the instant I was gonna chuck it at that poor head, I felt all bad for those people and got it in my mind that it would be a s***ty thing to do. What kind of f***ing musician am I? I need to be way more of a BAD BOY. '' (Nat..I think ^^) ''Are you guys afraid to dance in LA? Because in Colorado we let the wolf spirit take us away!'' -Sean -Nat:'Let's see....your favourite video 2010...[opens letter]... tissues,tuna..[to Sean]: dude,that's your shopping list!! ' 'Jared Leto..aka....Bartholomew Cobbins!' 'You know way too much..' ''Rock 'n' Roll, brothers and sisteeeerrrs!!!!'' [Sean] ''That's the bombdiggity! :D'' -[by Mrz.Motte*] 'How you like me now bzzzznitch!' 'Naa Naa Boo Boo I'm Better Than You.'[by Andrea] Mr. Z aka Englishman : ''what's ecke (corner) in English?Yeah?'' -''the eck..?'' ''Jack likes thrust.''
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
-I almost cried when I heard 3OH!3 singing double vision in the sims 3 late night trailer. -I'm good at Mathematics. :O -My Grandpa was born in Breckenridge,CO. -I call my English teacher Englishman bcs he looks like Superman. -I'm a huge 'scrubs' fan. (who isn't?)
What was the last book you read?: 
Ordinary Thunderstorms
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
Munich,May 10 '11....