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About Me: 
Morning America, my name is Nathaniel Motte and I think that I'll probably die alone. In ten years I hope to be maxin out on a beach in Nebraska.
Favorite Bands: 
Joanna Newsom
Nathaniel Motte
Nat, T-bone, fucking LAZER, mack STUDD, CAPRICE.
Boulder, Colorado
People, nice scents.
Favorite Songs: 
New Starstrukk remix
Favorite Places: 
Beach Park in Boulder, Colorado. Rue du Port Vieux, Biarritz, France. Montmartre, Paris, France.
Favorite Quotes: 
“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” -Kafka "The Metamorphosis"
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
I'm pretty shitty at some stuff, and pretty good at some other stuff.


howard317j's picture

I was at your concert in Philly and I couldn't get a tour t-shirt. I fucking love you guys and I was wondering if there is a place where I could get one

@0800idobetter's picture

Oh, we need 3OH!3 here in Brazil :D [2]
double vision is just AMAZING!

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madisonleigh's picture

er...hai. :)

Fii .'s picture

Hey* if by any chance anyone is reading this, could you guys come to Portugal ?! x) could you leave America for a few seconds, and come to crzy Europe ?! you would fit right in ; )

Codys_Girl143's picture

just wantyed to say u r the most sexy thing that happened to theis world since i dont even kno. ur just sexy!!!!! lol

DeDeLee's picture

As hot and funny as you are, you will not die alone...

Poli's picture

you´re so cool, I fell in love since the first time I watched your videos... I love your tasty mouth at the beginning of FIRST KISS video..... Send me a Kiss Please!!!

LOVE U!!!!!!

Poli's picture


Poli's picture


NuHayls10's picture

Come to Beijing xP

liyah babie's picture

you r my fav!! even tho i luv sean as well! plzz cum 2 england agen!! i missed it :( an i lurve ure song deja vu!! 1 of the best!! an i relly, relly doubt u r gona die alone :P xxxxx

Katie.'s picture

they are coming to England again Lol x Look at the tour page on the website .... :) .. Sadly nowhere near me :( .. I live too far from Any of the places you guys are playing at :(... If you came my town Birmingham id be able to go :) my mom wont let me go anywher spet f its near home!

Alli_2's picture

i have a question. why do you say that you think you will die alone ?

GHETTOkidz3MICHIGAN's picture

Hey Nat. Names Nick. Ive been hit hard by these economic times but I will never let my musical soul die. Ive been a fan of your guys' music since your album 3OH!3 in fact Electroshock is prob my favorite track off that album. Well my artist name is Ghetto Kidz Love Michigan. Please add me on myspace for now just for support. Ill let you know when my actual page is up and my EP release is out. I need the help. Love you guys always.

Zee♥'s picture

You.Are.Awesome.And.I.Love.Youuuuuuuu ?

@0800idobetter's picture

They are coming to Brazil, I can't believe , this is my biggest dream , I'm so happy ! *--------*

xxprettygurlxx1's picture

u rock........

jenniferleona's picture

NAT, did somebody hacked your twitter yesterday after you tweeted something about going to the much music award?

Codys_Girl143's picture

hey u r sooo sexy!

Pieguyy's picture

REALLY sorry that streets of gold leaked out... Im definitly NOT gonna download it. Your awesome!!!!

SeanForemanLover's picture

u r NOT going to die alone!!!!!!!!!

Luar - Ojo fatuo's picture

Hi Nat:
My name is Jennifer DiLuzio with “DiLuzional Sessions”. I represent different DJ’s around the United States and the world, and I am a promoter as well.
One of my DJ’s, DJ Luar, created a remix of 3OH!3 from the track “Don’t Trust Me.” There is a record label/distributor in the UK that is very interested in this remix. It’s an amazing electro/rock remix and I know you will love it.
DJ Luar has been in the music world for more than 23 years. He was rated the number 1 DJ in his country, Venezuela for 3 consecutive years. He also won the Cannes Festival in France. Here is the link for the remix:

We need to license this song from you and we want to know if we deal directly with you or with the record label. What is the process to get this licensed? We really want the permission to release this remix. This will help promote 3OH!3 around the world and increase your sales and booking shows. Please respond at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your time,
Best regards.

Jennifer DiLuzio
CEO DiLuzional Sessions

First Kiss's picture

STREETS OF GOLD I want to scream with happiness !!!!!! it gave me a lot of joy

KiddieKim's picture

Hi Nat xxx
20 days to go until i can get your album (they won't ship to UK *mega sad but nev mind. Preorder with HMV on its release day over here on 17th July. It's a long old haul but i'll get it!
Come bring your tour over here; Birmingham NEC has to be a stop on your map. I'll be there with the beer for the after party xxx
Later dude

6d@'s picture

You are frickin awesome Nat!

Miss Dani's picture

nice picture on AP magazine. :p

Hello My Name Is____'s picture

you should come to Miami Papi;
cause we know how to party ;)

seesee97's picture

please come to new hampshier!!!!!! please!!!

nichole luvs 3oh3's picture

you wont die alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

CStan's picture

HEY HEY! love streets of gold and the new amazing sound! Enjoyy the Release :) you guys deserve it! ♥Cass

@0800idobetter's picture

Streets of Gold is just amazing, I don't have words to describe !

AxelleF.'s picture

Hey Nat, I know you like France, and you support "les bleus" (Even if they are losers xD). So, If you love France, come to France ! :)
We are waiting you here. We need you!

I know it's probably not easy to come where you want and where your fans want too, But please, try. Thanks you so much.
Hope to see you soon. Bye,


Starstrukk_PunkBitch94's picture

Lovin France, eh? Niiiice.
Been to Southern France before. was niiice.
Never been to paris, so, you're one lucky dude.

3OH3 LOVERRR's picture

I pretty hyperventalated when i heard Streets of Gold. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STooFDawG23's picture

NAT. you fucking rock. love Stoof. Congrats of the new album guys!!

joslyn's picture

I love you nat you wont and on your file u say u will die alone but you wont

thatcrystalkidd423's picture

Nat, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely ADORE Streets Of Gold. It's everything I love about 3OH!3 and more. Since your first album you guys have always known exactly how to put me in a good mood no matter any circumstances or what I'm going through. It's an amazing album. Thank you for making such wonderful, fun music. I really can't express how much I love it, and how much I love the fact that the minute I hear the opening beats to one of your songs a huge smile spreads across my face. Your music really means the world to me, and so many other people. Keep making great music and being the wonderful person you are. You and Sean are a couple of amazing guys. Yall are so good to us fans. We're always here backing you guys up no matter what. :) much love.

thatcrystalkidd423's picture

Oh, yeah, and forget Rolling Stone. They've dismissed and hated on albums by some of the greatest bands of all time. Jody Rosen just doesn't know what he's talking about.

Roxanneabc's picture

Hey my nameis Roxanne Buchanan and im a HUGE fan of you guys and i was wondering for your next video I could star in it ? :D That would make my dream come true ! i love you guys so much ! Ive never not like one of your songs and I'm hoping you will write me back and let me knoe (: Thank you so much

KiddieKim's picture

Streets of Gold is amazing, a bit on the pop side but it still gets my two thumbs way up!!!! Loving R.I.P and I Can Do Anything! Need a tour in UK!!! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee!
Love you loads xxx

DreamingOutLoud's picture

Are you coming to CT during your tour?? Or is the whole tour out of the US? Just wondering bc I would love to see you guys!!! I can't travel out of the US sadly. ):

iPunkchic's picture

HI NAT I'm like a HUGE fan of u guys and I wanted to say congrarts on your new album :-)

KiddieKim's picture

Enjoy your day. For me, it's bed time i'm affraid.
Night xxx

Alexis from the 303's picture

Awesome new album, LOVE IT! Oh yeah and Boulder RULES!

brunagattei's picture

3333333333333333333333OH!3 NO BRASIIIIIIIIIIIIIL
3333333333333333333333OH!3 NO BRASIIIIIIIIIIIIIL

Blaze's picture

dude i love streets of gold infact in listening to it right now:) u guys are amazing and i would love to meet u but sadly im not that lucky soo i dunno if itll happen but i love u guys anyways:D

Lari Zago's picture

3OH!3 no Brasil *-*

rdiggs413's picture

when will you be in albany or worcester!!!???

Lovin3oh3's picture

you need to come to kearney, Ne :)