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About Me: 
Morning America, my name is Nathaniel Motte and I think that I'll probably die alone. In ten years I hope to be maxin out on a beach in Nebraska.
Favorite Bands: 
Joanna Newsom
Nathaniel Motte
Nat, T-bone, fucking LAZER, mack STUDD, CAPRICE.
Boulder, Colorado
People, nice scents.
Favorite Songs: 
New Starstrukk remix
Favorite Places: 
Beach Park in Boulder, Colorado. Rue du Port Vieux, Biarritz, France. Montmartre, Paris, France.
Favorite Quotes: 
“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” -Kafka "The Metamorphosis"
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What day of the month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I'm pretty shitty at some stuff, and pretty good at some other stuff.


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I dont know why im on this site...
im from Australia and i feel offended that you only said Hi to America... =(
Anyway HI from Australia guys and your music is freaking awesome!

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Hey, any plans to play in Ireland? If your playing London you should definitley consider taking the half hour flight over to Dublin! We have some pretty sweet spots for live bands!

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Hey!!! Nat, you are the greatest person to have ever lived. And I WILL NOT let you die alone!!!!! NATHANIEL WARREN SETH MOTTE IS GOD!!!!!

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I love you

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Hey!!! just a quick question: do you like chicks with glasses?

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You don't deserve to die alone, If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or if you need a hug my shoulders and arms are open. I love you...a lot.

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dear robyn, you're nothing but a stupid slutty fucking bitch obviously if he wanted a "shoulder" to cry on he wouldnt go to you, you're ugly as fuck. he'd obviously come right over to the sunny state of california, here in the central coast it's jam packed with hot girls who would probably give him better love in 1 second than you could give in your entire life. NO OFFENSE WHORE but we love him more;) now buh bye

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To finish up my comment below, i was watching this video of you, and you were explaining how your ex-girlfriend wouldn't let you pee in the shower. That's like really funny...and if she really loved you she wouldn't care if you did a little tinkle in her shower.

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Man i am so gutted - dont think i can get to see you guys in Glasgow pain in the arse if you ask me.

Anyways if your looking for somebody to hang out with while your there :) hit me up - more than happy to show you the town :) before or after the gig loads of kool places to go out.. eat drink dance :) your name it - Glasgow ill be under your new favourite places once your done xx

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hahaha some of these comments are funny:)
im bored:\
just thought id share hmmm...i love you and sean.
i saw you at vans warped tour:D and you were signing autographs...and i dint get one :'(
so i was sad but yep i guess you like all those other people more i understand even tho i wore a 3OH!3 jacket :\
hahahaa okay well im going to do something bye

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You guys are awesome, and i just wanted to give a shout out and remind everyone i commented before Em Ryder...

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You guys are the BEST BAND ever, and I can't WAIT to see you in December!

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Oh ya, and I honestly don't think you will die alone because remember, that you have Sean!

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no he will die alone
die alone with me :)
cause he loves me the most .....................................................................
so hahahahaha at all of you he doesnt love you guys he only loves me

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are you being serious that you want to live in NE when your older? i cant tell but it would be pretty sweet since i not only

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New Starstrukk remix omg me too ;)

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ilove3OH!3 is HOTT!!!!!!!!!

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I think your fucking hot

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Your show in Cologne was really awesome. Come back as soon as you can, please. ;)

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I think you are so HOTT!

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see you in december in COLORADO!!!

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you probably did it on purpose... but Whats ur favorite song? not one of urs smarty
ur funny btw! ;)

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Douce france, cher pays de mon enfance, bercée de tendre ensouciance, je t'ai gardée dans mon coeur! Mon village, aux clochers, aux maisons sages, où les enfants de mon âge ont partagé mon bonheur. Oui je t'aime et je te donne ce poème dans la joie ou la douleur.

CHeck This shit out! Ha Dare you to get it Frenchie!!!

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hahaha maxin on a beach in nebraska huh?
one of the reasons i love ya!

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how about maxin out on a beach in Finland? ;)

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I think you should come back to san francisco =D
we all miss you !

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When are you guys coming to Manchester, NH?

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You're dead sexy... honestly freakin hot!!! I'm sure you get it all the time but seriously just had to put that out there ;) sending out some mad love from NZ!!
So gutted I missed you guys when you were here :(

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idk if you'll ever see this and i also dk if you got my twitter message but i just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this : !!!!!!
it was the best present i've EVER gotten! and i hope to actually stay for an entire show one day. i went to warped tour just to see you guys but my friend got kicked in the head and she fainted so i had to carry her across the crowd(which was INSANE i thought i was gonna suffocate) and we had to leave. but the songs we did see were amazing and we knew every single word :)
that's my heroic story because i'm pretty much amazing. but you're even more amazing for saying happy birthday to me!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

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Hello Nathaniel, I hope you know that you are going to marry me one day!!

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hey nathaniel how old are you

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nathaniel email me at thanks

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u knw wat realy weird u & me hve the same exact 1st name
my name Nathaniel

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You should totally come to OKC, OK! You and Sean were awesome in the last music video with Katy all were hawt shit! You looked so good in the outfits!
Let me know if you're thinking about coming to OKC! I'll be the one waiting in like for tickets the month in
E-mail! I'd love to see a concert!


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Nat!! Come To Ireland, We Love You (: Caoimhe. X

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Yeah come to Ireland. It rains alot...well it rains all the time but come anyway and bring the sun then you're sorted :-)

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You're dead sexy... honestly freakin hot!!! I'm sure you get it all the time but seriously just had to put that out there ;) sending out some mad love from CO!!

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aye so i went to the show in BRICK TOWN oklahoma city awsome.....but got kicked out for fighting......:( still got to see you rock the stage....when they let us back in....great!!!! -jsl-

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hi nat

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Ur guy's show on 12/19 was AMAZING!!! thanks for making my 1th concert a really memorable one. Loved the mountains!!

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The show on Sat. was awesome! That was the best concert I've ever been to! Keep rocking! and Happy Holidayz!!!!!! Sending some love!

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. \....\........... /..../
..../... I....I..(¯¯¯`\
...\.....` ¯..¯ ´.......'

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hope you had a good holiday!

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hope your holiday was better than mine

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whens the next show in Denver???

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Alright sexy, fancy comin to gig in Scotland?