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Mrz. Motte

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Mrz. Motte*
About Me: 
Hello peoples! I am a HUGE DIE-HARD Texas 3OH!3 Fan.! Hmm... I have this NATSESSED obsession for Nathaniel Motte lol:) I simply love him..That's if youu haven't already noticed! Im and OrchDork lol!(: I play Viola and Cello. Mainly Viola! 3OH!3 is the BOMBCHIGGITY:)I'M VERRY RANDOM! Soo don't be afraid to talk to mee lol i can talk anything! 3OH!3! music!! Nat and Sean lol! MAW-TEEE FEVER is seriously the best cold you could get! Over 303 Comments and views! (haha yahh get it??) ~NatMotteLover3OH!3,Tami, WeAreYoungAndLoveIt,Jen,Andrea,3OH!3mania, Mariam529,Nat-07,Ball3rado, 3oh3cutie,crazy chloe, toungelikecandy, carolineluvs303 brittnayxfortee, Nat-07, Aiquiver Lucky,Marilia AREE THE COOLEST PEOPLE on here:) and other OH! fans as well:) well there you have it:) enjoy the rest of my profile lol!:b LOTS OF LOVE<3 http://natsessed.tumblr,com/ (Nat fan tumblr) if you have a tumblr please Follow me
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!!3 OF COURSE:):):):):D Ke$ha,The Ready Set, KREAYSHAWN, Hellogoodbye,Paramore, Far East Movement Metro Station, Rihanna, The Cateracs, V-NASTY, Diggy, All Star Weekend, Lady Gaga , Cobra Starship, Lolene ,Che'nelle , Auburn, Mindless Behavior, Charice, Jay Sean, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Seal,Rhianna ,Hitch, Slash, Micheal Jackson, All TimeLow, ashley tisdale, Keri Hilson, Escape The Fate(old), Falling In Reverse and last but not least my sick obsession with Joan Jett . she's my idol:)(:
United States
Breezy ! (Bria)
BREEZY"the shizzuation", bri bri, Briakins, NAT~SESSED Orch Dork(: (not orchadork) Briels:) -given to me by NatMotteLover3OH!3
orchestra music acting dancing talking on the phone texting Tumblr ( ) it's dedicated to Nat:) being on this website talking to youu guys of course:) just enjoying life ohh yeah yeah yeah and thinking about Nat:) playing the Viola and Cello
Favorite Songs: 
hey, holler til you pass out, my first kiss, house party, saydem up, don't dance,dance with me,touchin on my, neatfreak47,still around,punkb*tch, don't trust me,starstrukk, im not the one, double vision, see you go, love 2012, i can do anything, hornz, im not coming to your party girl, i can't do it alone, i'm not your boyfriend baby COLORADO SUNRISE and there a lot more but i can;think of them all at the moment(: OTHER: My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion Kiss From A Rose -Seal Bad Reputation: Joan Jett and the Black Hearts I Love Rock 'N' Roll -Joan Jett and the Black Hearts Love Like Woe The Ready Set Miss Me -drake Not Afraid -Eminem Pyrimid -Charice Now What -Lisa Marie Presley Jessie J- Price Tag Teach Me How To Dougie- Cali Swag District Joan Jett- Crimson and Clover Bass down Low- dev and the catarcs Joan Jett- Love Hurts Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Joan Jett I Need To Know- R. Angles Boyfriend- Big Time Rush Youre Were I Belong- trisha Yearwood Hanky Panky- Joan Jett Louie Louie- Joan Jett Hold Me- Joan Jett Talkin Bout My Baby- Joan Jett Do You Wanna Touch Me- Joan Jett Don't Surrender- Joan Jett Escape The Fate- Not Good Enough For The Truth Escape the fate- Makeup
Favorite Places: 
san antonio Cali Colorado -boulder, and denver- mah house the park Six Flags:)
Favorite Movies: 
Titanic -my favorite of all time!! The client list Amelie Date Night Freedom Writers Imitation Of Life The Notebook Toy Story Honey When In Rome Twilight Saga's The Proposal The Runaways Gone With The Wind Jaws The Blindside Welcome To The Rileys
Favorite Quotes: 
&amp;amp;quot;were out here trying to make a record.. youu piece of shet&amp;amp;quot; -Nat yelling at Sean in the recording studio!!!!! When I grow up and my son asks me Mommy,what was your favorite band? and I'll tell him '3OH!3!' and he'll be like &amp;amp;quot;THAT'S DADDY'S BAND!!&amp;amp;quot; 'Chics love dudes with long hair because they can barrow our hair ties!' ~Nathaniel Motte ;You don't know what you've got til it's gone -Joan Jett-
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
I'm an OrchDork:) i have been since 6th grade hahaha lame right?!?!?! OH! well im pretty awesome lol:) hahaha and im a N.A.T.F.R.E.A.K 47:D and i love to listen/talk/and think about 3OH!3 24/7 lol:) i am no kidding about that lol:) someday i hope to Mrs.Nathaniel Motte and an actress:) I have a womanly crush on Joan Jett lol:) im sorry but she is too goregoues:) man I Love Her:D bigg fan of the awesomness 3OH!3. and me and Sara (NatMotteLover3OH!3) made a tumblr dedicated to he awesome Nathaniel Motte
What was the last book you read?: 
The Three Muskeeters
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
haven't been yet....really want too tho!!!!!!!! how about if i heard them singing Chokechain live over the phone?! June 24, 2011! does that count?!