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Madi Motte Foreman


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Madi Motte Foreman
About Me: 
Well hello there.(: I'm Madi & 3OH!3 is my life. Seriously. I know everyting about them. I'm not one of those fake fans that only knows Don't Trust Me and My First Kiss. I've been a fan of 3OH!3 since 2007. I know every single song off all 3 of their albums. I even know the songs that weren't released. && I know every single word by heart. ♥ I am their biggest fan, Trust me. I also memorized the dance they did in the Electroshock video.(; I know everything that goes on inside the 3OH!3 world. ;D hahaa. I friggin love 3OH!3 to death. I will be they're biggest fan forever. ♥ Add me on facebook && we can talk about 3OH!3 all daaay.(:
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3, All Time Low, Paramore, Cobra Starship, We The Kings, A Rocket to the Moon, The Summer Set, VersaEmerge, Stephen Jerzak, Ellie Goulding, The Ready Set, Breathe Carolina, Breathe Electric, Panic! at the Disco, NeverShoutNever, && Bring me the Horizon.(: But of course, 3OH!3 is my number 1 favorite. <33
Racine, WI
My interests are Nathaniel Warren Seth Motte and Sean Michael Foreman.(;
Favorite Songs: 
Every single song by 3OH!3. That's it. ;D
Favorite Places: 
Colorado & Wisconsin.
Favorite Movies: 
Shutter Island, Remember Me, The Last Song, The Notebook, Straight to DVD.
Favorite Quotes: 
What month were you born?: 
What day of the month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I love 3OH!3 more than anyone else in the world.(: && 7/22/10 is the day Nathaniel & Sean spoke to me on their live video chat.;♥
What was the last book you read?: 
The Lovely Bones
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 


jhfrdryfgh's picture

hello, u must be my daughter beacuase i am mrs. motte.nats wife.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

jenniferleona's picture

hello you like never shout never too? and all time low and youre a fangster? yayyy :) btw youre tall!

3OH3PWNS's picture

u live like an houer away frm me =] wana meet up some day?

Ruthiesaurr's picture

hey whats up?

Madi Motte Foreman's picture

@ 3OH!3PWNS! - SUREEE! I wouldd love to meet upp with a 3OH!3 fan(:
@Ruthie_Power - Nothinggg much. I'm justt about to explode of excitment of Streets of Gold. It needs to comee out like, RIGHT NOW(:

gummagirl's picture

YESSSSSSSSSSS I can't wait 4 my gold 2 arrive

TarynLuvsYou's picture

Hey Maddie!! Im leaving a comment on your profile for the first time! LOL

Wow. Im such a nerdddd.

Madi Motte Foreman's picture

lmfaoo(: HI NERD :) loll

hardcandyheartattack's picture

[I admire your love for 3OH!3]
just to let cha know

misstonix's picture

Oh hai thur (:

3OH3LUV1's picture

ummmmm.... i actuallly luv 3oh!3 the most in da world, dont b lieve mehh check my profile and leave a message

misstonix's picture

He said "What up girl! Thanks for the photo. It's awesome."

I'm not sure what photo he is referring to, but I think he might of meant my profile photo with it having the My First Kiss banner on? =/ There's no way that he could of gotten me mixed up with anyone either because no one else around what I tweeted him gave him a photo or had the My First Kiss banner thing. He would of had to go on my profile too and click on "Send message" :D! Either way, he still DM'd me hahaa

Ball3rado's picture

Hey! Just to let you know, Sean's middle name is Matthew (:

Madi Motte Foreman's picture

@Ball3rado - Actually it is Michael. He said so in one of his tweets.

misstonix's picture

I almost did die because when I found out I was reading my emails and one said "Direct Message from Sean Foreman" and I literally just froze. I actually stopped breathing for like 2 minutes... it was surreal, and I love him for actually doing it because it made me soooooo happy

natmottefreak's picture

Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyaaa! :D

misstonix's picture

haha yeah, it's awesome isn't it! :D
When they were talking to you, I was like "omg I know who they're talking tooo... I bet she's in shock" hahaa

Ball3rado's picture

Oh okay, just saw the tweet. Sorry ;D

my first kiss was nat's picture

no bitch you're not their number one fan (as you said on nat's profile) i am. PROOF:

natmottefreak's picture

Ahaa, notta lot! LMFAO. Laughing at myfirstkisswasnat because they're wishful thinkers because Nat just had his first kiss on the set of 'My First Kiss' which is so freaking cute. :) I love Nat. Anyway, whatssuppp with you?

p.s. I'm adding you on zee facebook.

my first kiss was nat's picture

no shit sherfuck im showing my dedication to 3oh!3 by being on here 21 hours a week

my first kiss was nat's picture

well it obviously hasn't worked out for you has it?

Ball3rado's picture

Haha I love it so much. Im getting it framed tomorrow.

Milezz_Rockzz's picture

Hey. (:
How are you ?

3oh3s 1 fan TRUST ME's picture

oh hey nm wdb you :)???

Milezz_Rockzz's picture

Me too. :)
Yeah I Love them. *-*

SophieLovesSean's picture

Hey. Love the name. :)
Nice to meet a fellow fan.
I'm probaly not a big fan as much as you. :)

Jessi3s3OH3's picture

Hey there!
I love the name(:
And 3OH!3 is my life as well. Not even joking.
So we could get along great! Haha.

Jenny Loves Sean's picture

Heey ;)
I have added you on facebook .'

kübra55's picture

hey! whats up?

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Courtney_7's picture

Hey gurl :) How ur doin'?

NatMotteLover3OH3's picture


my first kiss was nat's picture


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Mrz. Motte's picture

heyy what's up??

Nat-07's picture

hey what's up

ILuvvs3OH3's picture

hey! im from WI!

Laney's picture

im from WI! :)