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About Me: 
I'm normal and boring, but I'm headed for great things.
Favorite Bands: 
Miike Snow, Lady Gaga, 3OH!3, Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, Temper Trap, Coconut Records, Kings of Leon, Tracy Chapman, MGMT, LMFAO, Travie McCoy, Death Cab for Cutie
United States
Liz Lee
Orlando, Florida
Interior Design, Music, Outdoors
Favorite Songs: 
If we're talking 3OH!3 then it's Colorado Sunrise. If not, then it's definitely West Coast by Coconut Records.
Favorite Places: 
New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Jackson, Wyoming, Washington DC, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Favorite Movies: 
Avatar, White Chicks, Harry Potter, Valentine's Day, Shutter Island, Just Friends, Sunshine Cleaning, Little Miss Sunshine, The Hangover, Role Models, Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favorite Quotes: 
"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Pablo Picasso "I am fire, where's my form? Whisper crimson I intrude There's light beneath your eyes New overtones in view Endless form, endless time" -MGMT
What month were you born?: 
What day of the month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I'm 6'3.
What was the last book you read?: 
Columbine by Dave Cullen
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
Too Fast For Love Tour, House Of Blues, Orlando.


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No problem :) There are more things that bother me about the site/discussion board, but I don't want to post another essay, haha. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has complaints :p

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I like the feel of this site, the bright colors and everything, but the lay out is wayyy too messy. The first time I visited this place I was hella confused, haha. Especially the board is a mess, both visually and content-wise. I think it could use a good moderator :p
btw, it's kinda scary how much I agree with everything you post on the board. Are you my secret twin? Haha. Rocky Horror ?

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hey! what's up?!