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- Lauren: 15, paramore, music, movies, friends, hugs, clothes, shoes, art, makeup, love, obscurity, smiles, guys, camera, guitar, kisses, singing, family, food, happiness... life <3
Favorite Bands: 
Paramore, 3OH!3, At The Drive-In, Bayside, Billy Talent, Bowling For Soup, BFMV, Cute Is What We Aim For, DCFC, Escape The Fate, Hollywood Undead, Jimmy Eat World, KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Muse, New Found Glory, No Doubt, Papa Roach, Say Anything, Senses Fail, Silverstien, Slipknot, The Smiths, Sunny Day Real Estate, System of a Down, Three Days Grace, The Used, The Medic Droid. && That ain't even half of them.. O.O
Lauren Millar
Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.
Moviesss, music, acting, photography, tattoos, surfing, art in general, make-up, fashion, making memoriess with photographs, blah, blah, blah the list goes on. xD
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Favorite Places: 
The Venue in Belfast, Florida, other placess i've been to on Holiday.. Any sorta.. theme park type thingie with rollercoasters. xD Haha. Ehm..?
Favorite Movies: 
Too many :P Ehm.. Fight Club && Sweeney Todd && Zombieland <3 ANYTHING directed/written/produced by Tim Burton, anything starring Helena Bonham Carter.. xD Pretty much any horror. Comdies.. Haha. (: Anything really. Just good moviesssss! ;D SUPERHERO MOVIESS! <3
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
"A fun fact"? Wow, i feel like i'm 7 again and it's circle time.. xD I dunno.. Ehmm..?
What was the last book you read?: 
Nightlight, a hilaariouss parody of Twilight
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
Haven't been to one.. >.< YET. ;)