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About Me: 
***OFFICAL*** i really like Sean and have hopes to meet him someday (plus picture and autograph would be greatly appreciated! :) i would jizz in my pants if Sean would be ever so nice to say one thing on my profile :D!! (fingers crossed!) oh my god i suck at spelling so frickin bad so dont get offended i suddenly have this weird obsession with my curling iron and straightener? im SUPER fun! :) i cant sing worth shit!!! i watched a video of 3OH!3 and Sean had an echo mic so i went out and bought one!!!! lol :) there really fun!! im kinda hungrey :\ i dont have any 3OH!3 shirts... and im PISSED about it >:( and ive never been to a 3OH!3 concert :,( im thinking they need to come to Wis-con-sin really soon!! i fricking love it when people talk to me! so feel free to comment!! :P
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3 (no shit) Ke$ha Dirt Nasty Wiz Khalifa
Laneton (from a teacher a school?) or just Lane
... sorry i dont want creeps (unless your name is Sean, then ill tell ya) ;) haha oh i just make myself laugh
volleyball 3OH!3 SLEEPING singing in the shower... haha eating lol texting shopping LAUGHING thats a big one for me !! 3OH!3... oops did i say that already? oh well (:
Favorite Songs: 
ROBOT! I Cant Do It Alone Dont trust me Colorado sunrise Hit it again We are young TOUCHIN ON MY!! ... ALL OF THEM PLUS!!! ALL of their new ones!! way to go boys! :)!!
Favorite Places: 
the mall (: my room (my bed) friends houses (friends beds) ...
Favorite Movies: 
i like alot of movies :D hangover (bradley cooper... YUM!) <3 the second one also! ... Jackass!! Scary Movie 3
Favorite Quotes: 
lips like licorice, tounge like candy :P i can do anything, anything, anything i want! this is me i love myself yeah fuck everyone else(: r.i.p r.i.p you and me Think I found a message in a bottle this says Drink me, drown your sorrows
What month were you born?: 
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
um nothing im not that fun... KIDDING im a bundle of fun :D you would absolutly love me! :) lol so talkkk to mee because that would make me joyus
What was the last book you read?: 
books!?!?! ... thats what movies are for!
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
NONE! (that needs to change!)