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About Me: 
When I meet Nat and Sean I am going to hug them! xD <3 I have a fever of 303! (That was my joke, wasn't it bad?!) My Besties On Here: Sean<3Superman<3, Viictoriiax.303x, Carolineluvs303, Mrz. Motte*,Lih P, Andrea, Nat-07,Jen, NatMotteLover3OH!3, 3OH!3mania, nathanielmottesWIFE.ox But I love to talk to evveryvody!! NAT AND SEAN ARE SO FREAKIN SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD. NAT IS SOOOOOOO SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone knows charmelon circuit is YOU HAVE TO TALK TO ME! Join my site pls?!!? VOTE FOR YSABELLE! <3 :D
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3, Nirvana, Paramore, Ozzy, TDWP, BMTH, selena gomez the y set justin biebr nick jonas never shout never <3 charmelon circuit eatmewhileimhot pretty much all bands
United States.
Sarah Motte! ;)
Sarforemotte, Sarbear, Sarah03, Mrs. Motte, Mrs Foreman. (No one calls me the last two. exepect Andrea! ) you could also give me a nickname, if you want. i dont have many. ::P
Nat and Sean! Texting. Dancing. Music. Hanging with friends. Walking my dogs. Warm weather. EVERYTHING! I LOVE NAT AND SEAN!!!!!!!!! THEIR SEXY. Christofer Drew Ingle is also very sexy.
Favorite Songs: 
I like all 3OH!3 songs. :DD Louder than thunder. Thug Story. Lmao. Crush, Crush, Crush. Charlie Mcdonnell songs! (He is so cute!!) I like all songs, pretty much. All nsn songs
Favorite Places: 
I want to go to Italy or Canada. COLORADO! :D Even if I have never been there.
Favorite Movies: 
Marley and Me. Disney Movies. Streets of gold documentry. :DD monsteerrsss inc
Favorite Quotes: 
I'm gonna have a house party in my house. Its golden now, why would i slow down keep a beat god damn it! ~sean Walk on streets of gold im seeing double vision Fuck, for sure - that dude i super duper hot. Then after that maybe kill him so none of you other bitches could ever have him. ~Nathaniel Motte
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
I can do hula hoop around my neck..? I don't know. Lmao. Aly & AJ are following me on twitter. I'm @ILikeUnicorns45 follow me follow me fa la la la
What was the last book you read?: 
space between trees
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
Never Been To A Show.