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About Me: 
Let's see I love music, dance, and sports. I obviously love 3OH!3! :) I love talking! Lets Chat! Leave a Comment! I like rain, thunder, and lightning. I love making and watching movies, also just hanging with friends and having parties.My favorite number is 13, it's been my number for every sport I play. It's even the day of Nat's birthday! My friends say it's weird that I know so much about Sean and Nat, most of them think it's just weird to know their names, but that's okay...its SO worth it! :) *** I <3 3OH!3 because they have such a range in music, they can be loud in one, calm in another, and upbeat and popish in another. The first song I heard was Don't Trust Me after that came out I decided to check out the rest of their music, and I was hooked. Been a fan ever since, and always will be! All three CDs are amazing, and their next will be awesome too! I pretty much like Sean and Nat equally but if I had to pick...too hard ☺♥♡ #8 on most active list :) *over 303 comments/views
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3 &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;3 Nicki Minaj Never Shout Never! Ke$ha Katy Perry Drake Eminem T.I. Rihanna Cobra Starship
puma, milerz(don't ask XD), Aqua, kesh kesh, ninja, barbie, suga bug, cupcake, belle/jasmine, Fawn, SMANDERZZ (I have a LOT of random nick names!)
slc :)
soccer, Nat,reading, Sean, music, animals, Mr. Motte , shopping, sports friends, 3OH!3, writing, movies, drawing, smiling, fun, roller coasters,Sean and Nathaniel disney, fashion, 3OH!3, Parties, family, Mr. Foreman, fun, excitement, disney, oh and did I mention 3OH!3?
Favorite Songs: 
3OH!3: I can't do it alone, hornz, photofinnish, streets of gold, hit it again, i can do anything, richman, follow me down, touchin on my....oh screw it, EVERY 3OH!3 song. Nicki Minaj: Moment 4 Life, Roman's Revenge , Roman's Revenge 2.0, SUPER BASS :D, blow ya mind, here i am, save me NSN: Dare4Disntace, fifteen, sellout, this shit getz old, cheatercheaterbestfriendeater, Lousy Truth, Sweet Perfection the downtown fiction: I just wanna run ke$ha :crazy beautiful life, grow a pair t.i. - im back, Whatever you like Eminem - space bound, when im gone, so bad, wont back down, mockingbird rihanna - what's my name? , Raining Men, Complicated Cobra Starship - The City is at War, Guilty Pleasure
Favorite Places: 
disney parks :) don't know why, but I just love em!!! I really want to go to the disneyland in Paris! I love going to California because I love beaches, so I love Hawaii too! I also really enjoyed my trip to London and Paris last summer. This summer for school about ten people in my class and I are getting to go to Spain! I am so excited!
Favorite Movies: 
Pirates of the Carribean, Baby Momma, Grown Ups, Little Miss Sunshine, Mean Girls, She's the Man
Favorite Quotes: 
Interviewer: ;Three disney princesses? Sean: ;Jasmine..umm....n...N- Nat: Nick Jonas! Interviewer: Three designer brands? Sean: Gucci...douche and cabana....
What month were you born?: 
What day of the month were you born?: 
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I love the color purple! My half birthday is Nat's birthday...? haha I love to talk to people and just have fun :) I love the rain &amp;amp;#9730;
What was the last book you read?: 
Beautiful By Amy Reed
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
March 13th...7 Hour worth it. Amazing show!