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About Me: 
Hiya guysssss ^^ I'm chloe and I'm like a MEGA MASSIVE fan of 3OH!3 and manage to include them into everything somehow lol ^^ I am 17 :D I love drawing also and I would love to be an artist :D On here and well most people who know me from here know me as the maddest UK 3oh!3 fan woohoo! I am a proud UK 3oh!3 supporter and have supported for years <3 I have finally achieved my dream of meeting 3oh!3 on november 3rd 2012 which was the best day of my life ^^ 3oh3 are the nicest ever to their fans and i love them so much <3 you have twitter? follow me and we can talk 3OH!3 stuff ;P!/Curly_Chloe please check out my website :) I adore both of you guys so much I have so much respect for you :) I ALSO LOVE YOU OH'S LOADS ^^ THE FANS ARE BEST AND MY BUDDIES THAT SHARE MY 3OH!3NESS <3 i love all my 3OH!3 buddies XD please talk to me i really love talking to everyone on here its great :D i will reply :D also any whovians come join me in the love for doctor who ;) Sean I love you :D XX
City of 3oh!3ness
I love drawing very much, would love to be an artist :) I draw portraits and stuff, and 3oh3 signed my t shirt that I had put my drawings of them on :) Check out my deviantART if you like ---> ItsCloctorArt :) I also like sewing mainly plushies hehe and I love sculpting, animation video making and listening to music :)
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3 are the best band in the universe and beyond times infinity ;) I do love Mcfly though and Owl City, Olly Murs, Maroon 5, Train, mcfly, Twenty Twenty, All time low, Dappy, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Kesha, Katy Perry and Rizzle Kicks too :P
United Kingdom
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Coco, Chlo, CrazyChloe, Choloweey(dont ask), cloer X) Chlo Foreman, The 3OH!3 queen ;P UK-er, Cloctor ;D
Drawing and listening to music :) preferabley 3oh3 :D
Favorite Songs: 
ALL of 3OH!3's songs lol but I love set you free, dont trust me, touchin on my, don't dance, do or die, you're gonna love this, I can do anything, see you go, colorado sunrise, electroshock and richman ;)
Favorite Places: 
my room :) birmingham O2 academy (where I seen 3oh!3) Borth, Thorpe park, brean sands and with my family and friends :)
Favorite Movies: 
Grown Ups ( all time fave) Sean of the dead, paul, run fat boy run, inbetweeners movie, hot fuzz, skyfall.
Favorite Quotes: 
OMG it's 3OH!3eezing!! 1thing 2say 3oh!3 4ever <3oh3 Practise makes perfect. Weird is good for you health. I love laughing plus it burns a lot of calories!
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
i fall off my chair when i get tweeted by a celebrity or something cool to do with a celeb happens :L lolll I sell my artwork and I have got Matt Smith's autograph :) I am very weird but I LOVE LAUGHING! Crying of laughter is the best feeling ever!
What was the last book you read?: 
Animal Farm, it's veryy sad I know but I read that a year ago for an english exam, put off reading it is very boring :L
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
Well I have only been to one WOOOHOOO I DONE IT!!! Birmingham O" Academy November the 3rd :) Best day of my life I met them and I got a hug from both of them <3 LOvely , beautiful and sweet guys who put on the best shows ever :) Millions of miles better than T4 on the beach!! :L Perfect day my dreams come true :3