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About Me: 
Ok well here it is, you know what I'm going to say. I am MOST DEFINATELY 3OH!3'S BIGGEST FAN!! All I can say is, I am 3OH!3's BIGGEST FAN IN ONTARIO! And don't you forget it lol! I EXTREMELY LOVE 3OH!3 because their sound is different and unique. Plus Nathaniel is my FAVOURTIE out of the band. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM! PLUS PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HES JUST HOTT! So everyone is starting to put who they think is awsome to talk to, so i thought I would put down who I think is awsome to talk to. NatMotteLover3OH!3, 3OH!3FREAKK14, Mrz. Motte*, Nat-07, 3oh!3_cutie, OH!89, carolineluvs303, egirl98, 3OH3forever, Viictoriiax.3O3.x, jen, ChloLuvs3OH!3x, aiqverLuky
Favorite Bands: 
At the moment I really listen to... Ashland High T. Mills One Direction Cobra Starship The Wanted Marianas Trench Stereos And saving the best for last!!!!....3OH!3:D...OF COURSE!
Twitter Name: 
Hey My 3OH!3 friends, if you have twitter, fallow me!!/CaseyGriggs
Listening to 3OH!3!! Thinking of Nat:D Any 3OH!3 stuff :D Figure Skating Hockey Baseball Filming/Editing Acting/Drama Music Dancing Gym Talking to whoever I have talked to on the site Being with my forever close friends :D
Favorite Songs: 
Plain and simple... I LOVE ALL of their songs. There is some that I like more than others, but they are ALL AMAZING!
Favorite Movies: 
When In Rome Withnail and I Blood And Chocolate The Vampires Assistant Twilight Series Alice In Wonderland Leap Year Harry Potter Step Up 3
Favorite Quotes: 
When one door closes, Another one opens
What's a fun fact about you?: 
I am a positive person and always keep faith in myself no matter how hard things can get. I am completely OBSESSED with 3OH!3, my friends, have no taste in music when they dis this great of a band! When I want to get somewhere or something, I stick to it till it comes out the best it can be.:D
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
I have not been to one yet, but I would extremely LOVE to go to one!!