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About Me: 
I think 3OH!3 are the bestest band ever :)
Favorite Bands: 
3OH!3 of course :P
Ashleigh Fiedler
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All of 3OH!3's songs (Y)
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Avatar :)
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Nat and Sean have retweeted me on twitter :)
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
Nottingham Rock city! Was on front row, sean sang to me and took a picture that i had drawn off me!! I also got to high five them both :D


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On Twitter, I kept replying to his tweets and saying things like "Hey Sean, I love 3OH!3, you guys are awesome. Please reply to me because I would die".
And then I said "I wish @kidquizine would reply to his replies." or something haha.
And then the next day I was checking my emails and it said "Direct Message from Sean Foreman" and I stopped breathing for about a 2 minutes. haha. So I clicked on it and he was like "What up girl! That's for the photo. It's awesome." I assume he was on about the fact I have the My First Kiss banner on my picture if you know what I mean! He would of had to go on my profile as well to direct message me! :) I've being trying to get him to reply again ever since though haha! x

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Omg that is amazing :O

I think i would stop breathing as well if he replied to me :L

god i wish he would do that to me :(

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If you keep replying to him on Twitter, he just might one day! Don't give up, because if he does.. you WILL stop breathing for a while haha! :) I screamed as well and told my mum haha!

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Thank you, for letting me know :P :)

I will let you know if he does get back to me :D hopefully he wil (Y)

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omg toni lucky(=
im gonna meet him in 6 days at hot topic... AAHHHH!!! im gonna like cry so hard

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love the pic. dude. totally creative.

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heyy im friends with you on twitter :) you're so lucky to be going to a concert :D i was, but then it was cancelled and im so bummed about it :(

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Hey :)
i saw it :( can you not go to any others? x