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About Me: 
I love 3oh!3... when i first heard their music i was like awwe wat a sweet lil band then i heard more stuff and i was like damn they got a dirty mouth like me :) on the outside im all sweet n nice n junk but get to know me (look @ some of my comments lol) and you'd know i have a sailor mouth ooh well :)
Favorite Bands: 
3oh!3 Green Day The Ready Set The Downtown Fiction Cage The Elephant Aerosmith Motley Crue Limp Bizkit Element Eighty Train Janes Addiction Linkin Park Skid Row The Lonely Island Def Leppard Matt And Kim Van Halen Drowning Pool The Shots Andrew W.K Nirvana Owl City My Chemical Romance
United States
Drawing, writing stories and poems (im writing a story now called Scribbles McGee 4 months in the making), listening to music (cuz its my LIFE) and living(of course)
Favorite Songs: 
By 3oh!3: Robot I Can Do Anything Hit it Again Choke Chain Touchin on My I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby [and so on] By The Ready Set: You'll Talk, I'll Listen Wishlist Operator Young Forever Stays Four The Same [and so on] By Christina Perri: Arms Jar of Hearts By Aerosmith: Love In an Elevator Janies Got a Gun Cryin Sweet Emotion Walk This Way (with Run DMC) By The Downtown Fiction: Is Anybody Out There I Just Wanna Run When You're Around By Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams American Idiot 21 Guns Good Riddance By Train: Marry Me Save Me San Francisco If Its Love By Drake Bell: Somehow Up Periscope Rusted Silhouette I Know Others: Jack Sparrow-The Lonely Island Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit Two Lane Blacktop-Rob Zombie Bodies- Drowning Pool Its Always Something-Cage The Elephant Broken Promises- Element Eighty
Favorite Places: 
My room, the beach, and anywhere interesting
Favorite Movies: 
Titanic Transformers:Dark of The Moon I Am Number Four Romeo + Juliet Romeo Must Die Kiss of the Dragon Jackass 3D Both Iron Man movies All the Friday movies Grown Ups College John Q October Sky Despicable Me Paranormal Activity NOT Titanic 2.. its dumb -______-
Favorite Quotes: 
I'm the Mac Daddy Pimp (Ron on Jersey Shore) He's got a sideways buck (Rob Dyrdek on Fantasy Factory) Yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the club Buying up the bar so the groupies show us love... Motherfucking ice-man, I'm the top gunner Heater on blast, I'm the number one stunner... (The Lonely Island's Jack Sparrow) I got my crabs from Dirty Dicks Crab House (Dirty Dicks Crab House slogan Myrtle Beach, SC) Kill the lights, These children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks, It feels right,All these asphyxiated, self-medicated; take the white pill, you'll feel alright (the second time sung from 3oh!3's Im Not Your Boyfriend Baby) I could be a stoner or..shit I forgot.....i could smell the roses or watch as it decomposes. i could be one of those models shoving coke up their noses. i could live in the streets or i could rot in a mansion. i could live off the beats or i could die from the dancing (from 3oh!3's I Can Do Anything) CABS ARE HERE!!!... TAXI SONO QUI (Pauly D on Jersey Shore) JUST SPRINKLE ME THERE AND LEAVE DONT ASK!! (My sports med teacher talking about his cremation) URGH! I tw-isted my knee (somebody from So Random) Slutty bag whores (i said this at a rivals football game ) We're headed for Venus (from Europe's Final Countdown) All i hear is bleep bloop, R2D2 (from 3oh!3's Robot) The Wig Popper (Rob Dyrdek on Ridiculousness) I cant look at that and enjoy my eggs (my sports med teacher) Charlie if ur winning then something's wrong with the fucking score board. (some guy on the roast of charlie sheen commercial)
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What's a fun fact about you?: 
For a grade, i have to touch ppls feet.
What was the last book you read?: 
The Radleys by Matt Haig
Favorite 3OH!3 show you've been to?: 
I didnt go to one yet :'(