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Who agrees 3oh!3's new stuff is just as good !? shha

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    Who agrees 3oh!3's new stuff is just as good !? shha
    MaxDog says (Jun 17, 2010)

    They stil are meeann :)

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on June 17, 2010

They stil are meeann :)

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I will love 3OH!3 forever and I love everything they do.

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I seriously love allllllll of their new stuff! like seriously!! it really makes me mad when people complain about it, but like every band always changes it up, usually each album is different from the last, and I just don't get why people can't understand that..just like how the times are changing and things go in a different direction..and music is the same way. but LOVE 3OH!3's stuff and super stoked for Streets of Gold!!!

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It's wonderful!

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I will always LOVE and SUPPORT everything they do :D

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I like it. It's a different direction that before, but at least they're keeping things interesting.

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We have unconditional love for 3oh!3 here in New Zealand :)

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i think their 'new stuff' is incredible. (:
i love it just ask much as their older stuff

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I don't get why people complain so much about them selling out. Bands experimenting with different styles/genres is totally normal. Making music is something you do for yourself, first, then for your audience. If they feel good about the music they make now, then great! Keep doing what you do! Fans should either accept this, or move on. I, for one, love the tracks off the new album just as much as their older stuff. I like diversity :)

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Is gonna drop someone for not replying to my msg thing :P