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What would be better

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    What would be better
    starstruck says (Jan 26, 2011)

    Being in 3oh!3 or being their manager.

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on January 26, 2011

Being in 3oh!3 or being their manager.

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iflippinglovesean...nuffsaid's picture

being with them of course !

ashmore46's picture

being with them

3OH3 lover tak's picture

being in 3OH!3 im pretty good at singing

starstruck_2's picture

I would be there manager because i suck at singing

DoodleBug's picture

manager for sure!!!! I stink at singing lol and if I'm the manager, I can book their concerts, find award ceremony dates, and tons more to make them extremely popular :D

OhNoItsSophie's picture

being in 3OH!3 !!!

TillerMcMillerLOVES_3OH3's picture

hah. goood question.
i'd be there manager, cause i would completley ruin them (with my singing, and dancing and being my hyper self:)
hahhaha. ;DD

egirl98's picture

being in 3OH!3. hard question! at least either way we can see them all the time!

3oh3forever's picture

Wow this is a hard question...I would say BEING WITH THEM!!!

Jen's picture

hmm. I would have to say Being in 3OH!3 because then i get to hang out with Sean and Nat all the time and travel places with them:):):)

Mrz. Motte's picture

the maneger cuz then youu can see them like all the time and yeahh