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Nat with short or long hair?

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    Nat with short or long hair?
    Viictoria (: says (Sep 04, 2011)

    which do you prefer? :)

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on September 04, 2011

which do you prefer? :)

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it suites him ;p

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short hair ;)

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I like him with short hair (;

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I had no idea that Electroshock had a video! I just watched it and the video for Holler and a) Nat looked super cute with really short hair- maybe it's the hair hitting the ears that is strange and b) Sean looks so cute with a mustache :)

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hehe agree! :)

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long hair = rock star. short hair = hot French guy sitting at outdoor cafe table sipping espresso. both are good.

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I miss his long hair :((

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whatever. he is hot anyway.

BrynaMotte3's picture

omg long no short no long no short! AHHHHH!!!!! Idk! Its sooooo hard!!!!!

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hehe ^^

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Can't decide...
I like him better with long hair

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Long of course

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definitely long hair.

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hehehe lol!! :D

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he's saying long hair!! LOL!!

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lmfao!! ummm, idk.. I think vinu prefer he with long hair, but he looks great with short hair too! hahaha :D what vinu is saying to you??? lol :P

Sean-07's picture

heyy vick!! what about vinu?? long or short hair?? LOL!! :D

Randi Kristensen's picture

hahaa umm ii think it looks better lonqq but hes still majorly SEXY no matter what

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both are good to me ! why? because Nat's still a sexay mofo with or without long hair no matter what!

Bessie OPM.'s picture

long hair, But they look so hot with short hair on electroshock video

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long hair!!!

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Shooooooooort hair, I absolutely his hair, but we love him either way!!!

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long all the wayyy

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loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong awesome hair :P

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haha awesome! :D

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