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What video of 3OH!3 do you prefer? 7
what outfit? 4
What makes you remember Sean/Nat ?? :D 1
do u like sean with or without a beard? 27
If you could sit and have an conversation with either Sean or Nat who would you choose and why? 3
Hey guys!! 1
Question for the boys 0 n/a
What songs do you think find in the next album of 3OH!3?! 1
Your thoughts on producer names? 23
you think Beyonce's kid is gonna look like her or Jay? 40
who would u like to see naked nat or sean ? 29
If you had the chance.... 4
halloween candy 0 n/a
Does your pet like or is a fan of 3OH!3? 19
any advice? 1
Halloween? 6
what a crappy town 0 n/a
NEW MUSIC? 0 n/a
who's your favorite fan to talk to? :D 7
If someone told you to kill a person just to meet 3oh!3..would you kill that person?? :D 2
Where would you take Sean Foreman forever anywhere in the WORLD? 2
Has 3OH!3 ever saved your life? 4
Wher do 3OH!3 get inspartion?? 1
EEK! 3