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For all the girls. what power would u have? 1
??????????????? 2
which girl/women suits nat or sean? 9
Who Would Look Better In A... (Random Questions) 7
New Songs??? 1
I loved this vid did you love it ?? 16
If you were to take Sean and Nat out on a day trip where would you take them? 4
Just Something New 4
hair color 5
I wonder if sean & nat know how much they change fans lives....? 21
Starstrukk with ke$ha or my first kiss with katy perry? 1
what would you ask 3OH!3, if you would meet them? 7
New CD? 2
When Did You Become a Fan of 3OH!3? 22
Who would you want 3OH!3 to collab. with?? 9
If you had to cook up a 3 course meal for Sean and Nat what would it be?? 67
where would you take sean and nat? 2
robot or hit it again 33
whose voice 1
What is your motto? 5
favrtie song.. 2
Marry, Fuck, or KIll Sean Foreman;) 74
What video of 3OH!3 do you prefer? 7
what outfit? 4
What makes you remember Sean/Nat ?? :D 1