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I have a little impression of déjà vu, check out 3
What's your favorite 3OH!3 song of these: 8
What is the real meaning of "Still Around"?? 0 n/a
How many times a day do you listen to them? 10
heh heh heh what did you get for christmas?? 5
If you had to eliminate ONE 3oh!3 song, which would it be!? 2
Whats your favorite new song from the vaults!? Bang Bang, Dirty Mind, or Set You Free?! 4
would u die for nat motte or sean foreman 10
How do you feel when you see sean/nat kissing a girl??? 18
Sexy accents 24
Michael Jackson king of pop, 3OH!3 kings of ... ? 3
What´s your favourite moovie? 1
if nat and sean said you can have anything of there's what would u have ? (anything clothes etc) 20
IF u had to slow dance with nat or sean who would u pick ? and what song would u dance to? 14
Starstrukk Original or Starstrukk feat. Katy Perry?? 21
What are you going to be for Halooween? 10
If you could tell 3OH!3 anything, what would you tell them and why? 1
Do you think either of the boys are secretly geeky? 13
what are 2 things you would love to have? 17
If you would have one thing to tell to Sean and Nat what would it be ? 7
If you went atheme park with 3oh!3 what 3 rides would you choose to go on with them?? 22
Very hard question!!!!! 4
Who is cooler? 4
What do you think Nat&seans favorite animal is?lol 4