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who was ur first kiss? 12
where would you want 3OH!3 concert? 24
What's Your Favorite Line from a 3OH!3 Song 49
From what country are you ? 43
Do you have any favorite band other than 3OH!3? 9
If u got married to sean or nat where would u go on ur honeymoon? 9
first kiss 0 n/a
How far would you go to get a hug from Nat? 2
Who are your top 5 favorite rappers of all time? 36
Who is deemed just as me that it stop the ACTA?! 1
3oh!3's new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3
Is it important that artists write their own music? 53
you gotta lick pickle juice off Nat or Sean's chest - which one, and why? 84
Are Nat and Liz Trinnear dating? 20
Sean & Nat dating Celebrities 15
Today In History 0 n/a
who has a better voice nat or sean? 39
New Song: BANG BANG. Good song? 19
What do you guys think of Nat's new hair? 23
Is there somebody who has got a 3OH!3 tattoo ? 33
Has 3OH!3 ever inspired you to do anything? 24
I have a little impression of déjà vu, check out 3
What's your favorite 3OH!3 song of these: 8
What is the real meaning of "Still Around"?? 0 n/a