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what is your favorite number? 20
Chatting 2
why has everyone almost fell out of love with nat and are now in love with Bill kaulitz? 11
if you had a movie night with Sean and Nat what would you watch?? 49
if 30h!3 were not 30h!3 whose concert would u go to nat or sean? 10
How long have you been a fan of 3OH!3? 7
What song(s) desribes ur life? (doesn't have to be a 3OH!3 song) Who would you sing it to? 24
Does this annoy you?? 8
if u had to chose to let nat and sean stay in ur house who would it be ? 54
This or That? 84
If you were in a 3OH!3 music video 13
have you ever dreamt of Sean or Nat? 66
Who loves Sean?!! 10
How are 3OH!3 fans called?? 7
Who know how many and what Sean have tattoo? 6
3OH!3 Day!!!??? 15
Who Would You Rather Fuck, Sean Or Nat? ? 72
Should I quit music? 117
Did Sean really own a horse? 2
Out of the 3 songs? 13
Which album do you listen to more often? 16
Nat with short or long hair? 42
If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be? 193
If Nat wasn't delighting us with music where/what would he be: 0 n/a