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Out of the 3 songs? 13
Which album do you listen to more often? 16
Nat with short or long hair? 42
If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be? 193
If Nat wasn't delighting us with music where/what would he be: 0 n/a
What is your favorite food? 5
Do you think that 3oh!3 will fall apart? 1
who was ur first kiss? 12
where would you want 3OH!3 concert? 24
What's Your Favorite Line from a 3OH!3 Song 49
From what country are you ? 43
Do you have any favorite band other than 3OH!3? 9
If u got married to sean or nat where would u go on ur honeymoon? 9
first kiss 0 n/a
How far would you go to get a hug from Nat? 2
Who are your top 5 favorite rappers of all time? 36
Who is deemed just as me that it stop the ACTA?! 1
3oh!3's new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3
Is it important that artists write their own music? 53
you gotta lick pickle juice off Nat or Sean's chest - which one, and why? 84
Are Nat and Liz Trinnear dating? 20
Sean & Nat dating Celebrities 15
Today In History 0 n/a
who has a better voice nat or sean? 39