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Best Feature of Nat/Sean?? 15
what is your favorite number? 20
Chatting 2
why has everyone almost fell out of love with nat and are now in love with Bill kaulitz? 11
if you had a movie night with Sean and Nat what would you watch?? 49
if 30h!3 were not 30h!3 whose concert would u go to nat or sean? 10
How long have you been a fan of 3OH!3? 7
What song(s) desribes ur life? (doesn't have to be a 3OH!3 song) Who would you sing it to? 24
Does this annoy you?? 8
if u had to chose to let nat and sean stay in ur house who would it be ? 54
This or That? 84
If you were in a 3OH!3 music video 13
have you ever dreamt of Sean or Nat? 66
Who loves Sean?!! 10
How are 3OH!3 fans called?? 7
Who know how many and what Sean have tattoo? 6
3OH!3 Day!!!??? 15
Who Would You Rather Fuck, Sean Or Nat? ? 72
Should I quit music? 117
Did Sean really own a horse? 2
Out of the 3 songs? 13
Which album do you listen to more often? 16
Nat with short or long hair? 42
If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be? 193