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Would 3OH!3 ever come to Hamilton Ontario? 0 n/a
Did you have a 3OH!3 T-shirt? 44
what is the thing you like the least... 16
Sean's beard 13
So... Is it true that Nat is dating that girl named Liz something? 5
D and D ?! 11
what 3OH!3 song are you?? 9
What 3OH!3 song are you playing now? 158
'Uncensored' Version of Touchin on My??? 14
Favorite non-3OH!3 song 19
hahaha, does anyone know? 4
LuanaLoves3OH!3 3
Who would you like to see 3OH!3 feature on a song? 7
Song question! 7
Who is more handsome?(Sean or Nat?) 42
Top 5 favourite singers/bands??? 44
What's your favourite album by 3oh!3??? 6
what is the worst situation you have been in? 9
Who would you rather have as your parent? Nat or Sean? 18
Do you have some wishes ?? 3
Do you want to be a singer?? 5
3oh!3 should come back to england <3 7
Do you think kesha and sean would be a great couple?? 6
How tall is nat ?? 8
how long have sean and nat been friends? 6