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    I freaking love 3oh3!! I've been a fan since myspaceeeee ;) You know that was forever long ago. Anddd... And... I'm a black girl ( i know right?!) AWESOME. 3oh3! You're gonna see this post... you're gonna find me on twitter <- 12 A's

    And you're gonna like what you see... you're gonna wanna meet me too.
    I have some requests..

    Please throw me in a scene of your next music video

    I'd like a kiss on the cheek from both of you.. and have some candy waiting there for me please. Some flowers would be nice.. and be naked...

    Yea... be really naked please.

    This is NOT a joke!

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  • ChloLuvs3OH3x's picture
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    I have seen 3oh!3 yayaya :D I went to T4 on the beach festival but that was awful!! I am going to see Mcfly in April and I would love to see Owl City and Maroon 5 :D And you? :)

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    yo every1 i just wanted 2 know if sean is married. cauze i get really jelous,and i just wanted 2 know if u guys acutally new. and if he really is ill tare that punkb*tch appart(told ya i get jelous) but plz answer bac. peace!!!!!

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    I'm so irritated by this one person: czgjqsxcfvj
    He/she starts discussions with complete nonsense language. I first thought it was Polish, but it is no language at all(as far as I know).
    Are you irritated aswell?
    Let's join forces and try to delete this person ^^

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  • Guilherme Oliveira's picture
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    Hey guys,
    My brother loves 3OH!3 and he have all the cds, except the 3OH!3.
    I want to know where can I buy this cd, anyone knows?

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