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Don't Dance

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Average: 4.7 (15 votes)

Don't Dance

GoodKid's picture
on October 05, 2009

Don't Dance

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Average: 4.7 (15 votes)
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PrincessHeav123's picture

This song is AMAZING!!

Photographer alex's picture

It s my favorite song !!

Andrea_2's picture

miss old 3OH!3, still like SOG though.

yusefkhad's picture

Hey SUP 3OH3
I really wanna know if i can get a pure instrumental version of this song
i wanna use it for a video montage and it would really fit in
it of course would be used only for personal purposes

mercy102996♥'s picture

i remember when you guys did this song live like a month ago and less than half the crowd knew the words... so i screamed them :)

Pieguyy's picture

i love this song!!!!!!!

foremansgirl19's picture

the bessttt

Sparkleebunni's picture

This song is AMAZING. one of my favorites (: I love youu, 3Oh!3.

Pieguyy's picture

love early 3oh!3

Care-UHLL's picture

loved this song

@0800idobetter's picture

liked but scared me at first haha '

chesea's picture

to be honest, this is the only song i like in the new album

vera 3's 3OH3's picture

really my favorite song of this album

3oh3 amazing's picture

thats funny..... i love this song

samantha_long2011's picture

you know the love is real when you shut down a school dance until they play a 3oh!3 song. true fact.