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  • 3OH!3
    Release Date: July 02, 2007
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Average: 4.9 (114 votes)
Release date: 
July 02, 2007
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Holly M. Wetzel's picture

Why don't you try to go to and look the songs you like. i got all my songs from 4shared and i hope this helps

_3oh3_fanpage's picture

love this album wish they had all 11 songs on iTunes but i have two from WANT but its still great :)

deejaykubiak's picture

I am seriously upset that there are no legit versions with all 11 (I'd even settle for 9, already having two from WANT). I really want to support 3OH!3, but I'm also a stickler when it comes to my favorite music. Can someone direct me to a paid download of the full album (including Dance With Me, excluding Chokechain and Holler Til You Pass Out). Any help would be much appreciated. If this isn't possible, someone please let me know so I can just pirate the missing song (Dance With Me) and download the rest normally.

Emma Hearts 3Oh3's picture

Amazing =] !

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3OH3_4's picture

Don't Daaaaaaaaaaaance

3OH3_4's picture

@colorado_sunrise75 Yeah it's by 3OH!3, but it's not on the album.

Sean-07's picture

love youuuuuu

neatfreak47's picture

i luv this album its so different compared to other albums =)

3OH3_4's picture

No it won't let me play it either. Same with I Can Do Anything on SOG.

3OH34ever_3's picture

luv these guys:)

3OH3_4's picture

I love the beginning lyrics and sound to Say'dem Up. Ok, let's be real: I love Say'dem Up.

Cece's picture

This Album Is Amaizing !!!!!!! I love... this album :D

3OH3_4's picture

It doesn't suck you mofo. It's one more album than you have!!

likeabooss.'s picture

This album sucks. Kthanx. -_-

WorrxRrx's picture

No 'D & D' or 'Ojos Of An Eagle' ? Haha.

3OH3_4's picture

Dragon Backpack is growing on me....

alysssssa's picture

ur TAMzing

OmeEA's picture

this album is the shit!

TigerLily23's picture

i luv electroschock

Yaireth Arceo'♥'s picture

wow! ?

Nat_3's picture

woooooooooooo u guys rock

-yoursztruly's picture

i lOVE 3OH!3 && i lOVE All Of Their Songs' !

Laserbeamwolf's picture

I love how different this is from the other songs by 3oh!3 I love them

DoOrDie's picture

I love it :D :D :D

SeanFOREMAN3OH3's picture

it is super

code69's picture

How do I purchase dance with me??

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colorado_sunrise75's picture

So I once found a song called "D & D" Whatever happened to it? It says it's by 3OH!3