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Streets of Gold

  • Streets of Gold
    Release Date: June 29, 2010
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Average: 4.9 (238 votes)
Release date: 
June 29, 2010
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AlecHastings's picture


AlecHastings's picture

I love all of there song AMAZING

SEAN_NAT_3OH3's picture

Very Good!

BrynaMotte3's picture

We are young-nats part is BEST!

3OH3_1000's picture

Love this album special!

xXxDarkSunsetxXx's picture

Guys you are so awesome!!
I haven't got this album yet ._. But I think will be able to buy it soon ;D

3OH3_1000's picture

3OH!3 is my life can't live without it : PPPP Dont STOP!!!!

hannah315's picture

I love this album. Its so good. I love all the songs on this album.

jiji_vader97's picture

3OH!3 is life

MussMusicLover92's picture

Love u guys so frikken much!

3OH3FOREVER_4's picture

"I'm not the one"; CHANGED MY LIFE!

3OH3SFNM's picture

Love this album *-*

nessie's picture

This Is Ryan And Cassies Song I Swear 2 God

BrynaMotte3's picture

never heard love 2012. it really good!

Sean-07's picture

these songs are awesome!! great job sean&nat love you both!

3ecem3's picture

like 4ever

FloridaSunrise's picture

I Know How To Say is the best song ever!!!

Lena's picture

Love it! 3OH!3 's the best ever

3OH3_4's picture

Love it forever!

Emma Hearts 3Oh3's picture

I bought it a year ago and Loved it , I still do now :) xx

neatfreak47's picture

ithe 1st day it came out i bought it =)

lenny's picture

I love it

Sean-07's picture

awesome songs :) 3oh!3 rocks :)

3oh3_3's picture

Streets Of Gold has probably been their bestt album. I know that when all the songs on Robot will come out theyy will blow us away!

legoreader8's picture

Double Vision and Love 2012 are the best songs I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3OH!3 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eel's picture

Stoked for Robot!!!! =D

caty bug's picture

touching on my is my favorite song!!!:)

klamb's picture

When will Robot be out?! It's awesome.

3OH3_4's picture

???? em all!!

TigerLily23's picture

i cant wait till july i get to go to their concert again i luv u wit all the music in my heart