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where would you want 3OH!3 concert?

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    where would you want 3OH!3 concert?
    Sean♥Superman♥ says (Sep 05, 2011)





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on September 05, 2011





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Poland in Wroc?aw. :)

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Also curious why Nat wants the concert in his laundry room. Wouldn't the acoustics be terrible?

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PHX but not during the Warped tour. The warped tour is in the middle of summer when it's like 116 outside. Sorry, but I'm too old to sit through a concert when it's that hot.

IAN's picture

San Francisco!!!!!! would be awesome!!!

v-rad's picture

SLC (just moved there from LA.... yeah...)

LinePettler's picture

In Brazil of couse, São Paulo

3OH3_4's picture

Lol that's good thinking

321blastoff's picture

in my hood so i can be the only one there (cuz no one knows 3oh!3 on my street wtf) so they'd have to give me their undivided attention, giving me merch and stuff, making me the happiest person evahh!!!

3OH3_4's picture

FLORIDA. They should have a beach concert. That would be epic lol

Teresa's picture

Portugal, dude.

Sean-07's picture

ummm in Iraq pshhhhh i'm dreaming xD

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UK in bristol or swindon or reading or london or birmingham or bournmouth or cardiff!!! hehehe somewhere i can get too!!tehe xP

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Nat's picture

in my laundry room, or on my couch, maybe

Marília_2's picture

in any state of Amazon, here in Brazil! ;D

Lil_Lost_Lenore's picture

In my vagina.

Mariane's picture

BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro needs you guys

ChocolateCookie's picture

in Vienna(Austria)

Anita's picture

In my highschool ;) but as a normal answer I would say PARIS

DoodleBug's picture

At my house party!!! ahaha maybe in Chicago again...

Jen's picture

i would love if they played at beach near me!!! or even in a mall that would be awesome:D