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being in sean's car with him or in Nat's bed with him ? ;) ;)

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    being in sean's car with him or in Nat's bed with him ? ;) ;)
    klaudiiiiia says (Sep 01, 2011)

    Nat's bed lol !! :D hbu?

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on September 01, 2011

Nat's bed lol !! :D hbu?

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Holly M. Wetzel's picture

Sean's car because i think sean is cuter
no efence nat but sean is cuter

RonjaMotte's picture

Nats bed of course I just love him <3

jamespeter23's picture

nats bed!

alyssa_is_a_ducky's picture

Nat's bed, definetely! He is my favorite :)

Laserbeamwolf's picture

Sean's car, definitely
He's so cute

KayHawkins11's picture

wow everyone on here is ssupppper creepy lol I guess i'd take nat's bed only because I feel like sean is drunk way to often for me to get in the car with him.

DoOrDie's picture

Sean's Car ;p

BrynaMotte3's picture

nat's BED!!!!

Mrz. Motte's picture

Nat's bed!

3oh3_fan♥'s picture

Sean's car

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Kymmye's picture

I think I'd have to take Nat's bed. That way if I get scared of something, I could sit down next to him and talk.

Melissa Motte's picture

Nat's bed because I really want to have sex with him

loveNatSean007's picture

Think I'm gonna change to Sean's car. It was the geeky glasses, I

Nats a Sexy Beast's picture

Nats bed >:} oh al the dirty thoughts come pouring in and suddenly i feel like i should stop thinking before my mind explodes from too much excitement >:}

loveNatSean007's picture

Nat's bed, but not having sex because my husband would totally get pissed off :) I just think Nat is super cute and it would be interesting to have a conversation with him. Really, Nat's car should be an option.

Fan.3oh3's picture

Sean's car

gofigure's picture

being in nat's bed would be a tad weird as he's like twice my age. i could just go to cafe with sean.
then again.. can i be in nat's car?

Lynn's picture

Nats bed, it's the hair ;)

Megs's picture

Seans car with him. we could go to a park and have a nice lunch.

gofigure's picture

Sean's car

Mrz. Motte's picture

i'll take your bed too Nathaniel:)

Nat's picture

I'll take Nat's bed

Lil_Lost_Lenore's picture

depends on what were doing?

NatMotteLover3OH3's picture

NAT! ;) if there's sex involved then hell yes!

KaylaMarie's picture

Sean's Car

LOVE-IT-...-IT's picture

will there be car sex or bed sex for each situation??If that's a yes, i choose NAT'S BET WITH HIM:)

Teresa's picture

Because I don't really know them. Okay maybe creepy was too strong... It would be awkward though

forevrj's picture

Nat's Bed.!!! :D

3OH3_4's picture

Why would it be creepy?