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you think Beyonce's kid is gonna look like her or Jay?

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    you think Beyonce's kid is gonna look like her or Jay?
    Nat says (Aug 31, 2011)


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on August 31, 2011


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no probably like jay z

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I hope Beyonce's kid looks more like her than Jay-Z. My mom says that he looks like a monkey, and the truth is that he's not very attractive. He's super-smart, but not good looking.

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the milkman

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hahahahaha hopefully beyonce

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i hope to god for the kids sake he/she would look like their mom.

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I hope it looks like Bey...

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im afraid to see what their baby looks like. her with big lips -__-

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i hope beyonce

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?Dear Nat? let's say 70% jay and 30% beyonce xD ???? and 100% i love you??? :D

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ermmm beyonce :)

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i hope it looks like beyonce

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Hmm probably like Jay-Z, but that's my opinion. I still can NOT see her as a mom.

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jay z

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btw i love you so much!

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who knows!! maybe jay..maybe her!

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haha i love that this question is totally irrelevant but i feel totally compelled to take it seriously. i think wen it grows up its gonna turn white (lol not that seriously i guess)

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i hope like her. that one guy who is her bf is ugly, think his name is jay-zee?
lol, naw i know who jay-z is lol but really i hope it looks like beyonce.

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GOD, don't screw this up!!

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I really hope like her

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just imagine how the kid would look like both of his/her parents... ^^

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i hope to God it looks like Beyonce lol:)

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i hope their baby looks like Beyonce!

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i would hope both lolxD

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It's going to be a beautiful mixture of course! :)

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both :O

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I got a feeling it's a girl and it's gonna look like Jay