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Nat's long hair or Sean's chest hair?

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    Nat's long hair or Sean's chest hair?
    Sean says (Aug 26, 2011)

    pick one

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on August 26, 2011

pick one

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Holly M. Wetzel's picture

Sorry nat, but sean chest hair :)

RaynbowStarchild's picture

Nat's long hair.

laura1996's picture

Sean's chest hair :)

fnahian's picture

Sean's chest hair

3oh3_fan♥'s picture


AlyLoves3OH3's picture

nats short hair

narrsonlbi's picture

Nat's long hair :)

loveNatSean007's picture

Nat's long hair.... but now he's shorn, so Sean's chest hair.

Coolerthanyou52214's picture

Seans chest hair. (;

gofigure's picture

er i gonna go for nat's hair.

Kymmye's picture

Nat's long hair. That way I could run my long, slender fingers through it. I'd also snuggle and bury the side of my face in his hair, too. Am I aloud to pick both? LOL! ;)

SmexxiLexxi's picture

Nats long sexy hair :D

i love sean foreman's picture

YOUR chest hair anything that is on YOU is AMAZING

americangirl's picture

Obviously Nathaniel's long hair. ?

Emzy-Kinz's picture

Sean's chest hair oviously ;)

AmberD's picture

Nat's long hair! only cause i LOVE long hair:) but i must say sean's hair is sexy to lol

isazwetsch's picture

Nat's long hair!!!

Sara Motte's picture

i think i have to go with seans chest hair ;)

B_Fangsta's picture

nat's long hair

Laney's picture

seans chest hair of course

barbara nash's picture

nat's long hair

langr752's picture

Nats Long hair... :-) no homo

Missmolly's picture

Nat please and thank you

LauraColorado's picture

Bwahahaha! Sexy!

skittlesrawr313's picture

well i can never pick you both are wonderfully attractive!!!!!!

Clara's picture

Nat's! The only thing I don't like about Sean is his chest hair!

Erica.Dominguez13's picture

Definitely Nat's hair, sorry Sean.

yupp3oh3's picture

nats LONG hair. it looks good short, but its way better long and fantastic :] but dont worry sean, your chest hair is fantastic too.

tattooguru21's picture

i think sean's chest hair is actually some of nat's hair that sean had implanted.

@carloscfreitas's picture

Nat's long hair!