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Nat's long hair or Sean's chest hair?

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    Nat's long hair or Sean's chest hair?
    Sean says (Aug 26, 2011)

    pick one

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on August 26, 2011

pick one

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Nat's long hair,it's more sexy.But Sean' chest hair is sexy too

Stephanie Stoof Pisula's picture

nat's long hairrrr

sarawrrrrr's picture

long hair. he would look funny without it (x

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me3cobrastarshipand3oh3's picture

Sean's chest hair for sure

Cece's picture

Sean's Chest Hair :D

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Whoops my message never showed up lol I meant to say me too!

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natloves3oh3's picture

natttttt's long hair

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BrynaMotte3's picture i just have a heart attack every time they comment or do something! lol

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Sean-07's picture

where were your eyes?? LOL!! bryna?

3OH3_4's picture

THE Sean. Lol you guys.

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Fan.3oh3's picture

Sean's chest hair !!! :-)

BrynaMotte3's picture

wait, this was started by THE sean????

BrynaMotte3's picture

nats long hair.

3OH3_4's picture

Nothing against Nat's hair tho lol

hiyaitsshannon's picture

sean chest hair all the way =)

Marina Vargas's picture

Your chest hair

3OH3_4's picture

Sean's chest hair lmao! But yeah on the other hand, I really don't like it when he grows a beard. Sean, you are a sexy beast no matter XD

Love.Sean3's picture

Seans chest hair!! i love you :D

klaudiiiiia's picture

his fuckin' hair!! i hate your beard!! ummm but i love your chest!!

charlotteblu's picture

Nats long hair!

Sean-07's picture

haha!! love his hair!! but your chest hair!!

stéfani's picture

Sean's chest hair is really charmer,Nat is better with this sorther hair!!

Viictoria's picture

lol Sean's chest hair! you're so damn sexy Sean! haha :P