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If you know Nat's and/or Sean's adress, what would you with said information?

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    If you know Nat's and/or Sean's adress, what would you with said information?
    Darth Kenneth says (Jul 12, 2011)

    i don't know what i should do

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on July 12, 2011

i don't know what i should do

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I thought the "who would you fuck" questions were gross but this one is just.... ewwww. Try to think about it from their point of view- would you really want someone that you don't know to have your address and send you gifts? It's super creepy.
When I was in high school I had a stalker and he knew where I lived and he left me presents all the time. It got to the point that I was afraid to open my car door in the morning because he'd gotten a locksmith to make him a duplicate key and he kept leaving me presents. I never knew when he was going to be outside my door waiting to talk to me. He didn't try to hurt me (then at least) but his very presence was an assault. He scared off every boyfriend and guy friend (and I only had guy friends) and isolated me. Every letter, every gift, every flower and every box of chocolates was a reminder that he thought I belonged to him.
I know that no one thinks of their behavior as being stalkerish like the guy I talked about above, but all the stuff mentioned in the other comments is creepy and if it were you who were famous, some random fan having your address would scare the crap out of you.

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well 1 thing is that i wouldnt send them anything like, "I know where you livee!" lol if i was famous and people knew my address; i would think thats a bit stalkerish... if i had they're addresses... well next year im going to boulder for a family vacation so if i knew theuir addresses i would drive by and say thats sean/nat's house!!! lol

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I saw his dog on Instagram. He has a Welsh Corgi.

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I will!

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some one should make that its own discussion lol

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Hmmm idk. I wonder.....

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id be serious to!! lol i wonder what kind of dogs he has?

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He's serious tho.

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lol seans comment... FUNNY! :)

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Hahaha Sean!

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I would try to come in contact but not talk or so... :D

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Hahaha you bet he will.

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I'd send a nice letter and leave it at that, otherwise I will sick my dogs at you.

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probably stay away.. i dont want to get stalker charges or become a stage five clinger

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I would scream their names until they notice me, YEAHHHHHHHHH! And i will camp out there until they call me to get in! :PPPPP

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Yeah I guess the real, real fans would respect them.

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i wouldnt stalk them :L umm i would probably send them a lettter xP

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Oh there are so many things I'd want to do, but I probably wouldn't, because they also need their private life to be, well, their private life :)

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No prob

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thank you

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Well they come on here sometimes. Good luck with everything!

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i think i do but i have no confirmation

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You make it sound like you have it lol

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People talk big about what they would do with it, but when it really comes down to it, most people wouldn't do anything. I would respect their privacy.

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Go to their house parties ;)

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what would you seend though??

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i would send them gifts on every holiday (including 3OH!3 day) and send them gifts on both their birthdays and randomly send them gift baskets

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i would send them letters! :)