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if u had to chose to let nat and sean stay in ur house who would it be ?

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    if u had to chose to let nat and sean stay in ur house who would it be ?
    NeecyMotte says (Jun 20, 2011)

    i love sean but i would have 2 let nat stay :]

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on June 20, 2011

i love sean but i would have 2 let nat stay :]

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Of course I would let Nat stay he is awesome, but Sean could stay too cause I would miss him! lol

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NAT of course!!! but i might miss sean...

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I dunno why but i would choose sean, in his photos he looks chill

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Nat! He's got a Kafka quote up, so I think he'd be interesting to hang out with.

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NAT!!! but Sean could stay too

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sean,though nat could stay too

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If they could not in my house,
I leave them in a house or a hotel of trust.

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Nat. Because it is beautiful, charming, stylish, funny and I love him so much. Lov you nat!!!

You're more than welcome in my house. hahahahahaha

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EVERYONE is welcome in my house… unless youre underage. I don’t want to accidentally fuck a 16 year old ya know

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Sean, but I would miss Nat =/ hahaha

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nat i would let nat

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I dont see why they both couldnt stay. Sean can have the couch and Nat can sleep in my bed with me ;)

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Definetly Nat; iloveyousomuuchh :D

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@nat bring sean along for my neighbour Purple_Smurfette lmao

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i would do inaapropriate things wiv nat lol

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nat... absolutely

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sean, infact he can come to my house anytime

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I see no reason why they both couldn't stay. There's the love seat for Sean and the sofa for Nat... obviously. The livingroom has the biggest TV and a PS3... they'd be fine.

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Cooks, cleans, done. Nat all the way ;)

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Will you sing a song to me in French, Nat? :)

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No doubt that Nat is a sex beast, but I'd definitely have to say Sean because we are going to get married some day (:

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SEAN..I love him

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Aw. French. (:

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@Nat lmao ur comment is so funny!