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have you ever dreamt of Sean or Nat?

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    have you ever dreamt of Sean or Nat?
    Purple_Smurfette says (Jun 16, 2011)

    if u have...tell us!..if u want to keep it 2 yourself..well then fair enough...

    i have had some pretty weird dreams about dont want to know..and thats all im saying ;)

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on June 16, 2011

if u have...tell us!..if u want to keep it 2 yourself..well then fair enough...

i have had some pretty weird dreams about dont want to know..and thats all im saying ;)

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Nat is in a lot in my dreams... Once he was at one of my horse races and after i won, he kissed me :3

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I had three kind of dreams about Nat!! In the first dream Nat was a friend of my dad and he came to my house,but he even notice my presence haha! The second dream he was married to me. In the 3rd he gave me an autograph!!!

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I had a dream I was married to Nat and we were rich and lived in a mansion.We were talking,and I asked him to kiss was so cute

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I had a dream i found Nat and Sean with 2 girls. I was REALLY jealous. Nat then came over my house to hang out and then we went horse back riding. Then he asked me out:) Then my alarm went off! >:(

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i had a dream i sung my first kiss with nat and sean :P

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yeah!!! by Sean!!

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No!! i have not :(

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i do, its just about me walking around in greely, finding them in a garage band

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yeah too rude not going to say

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I had a dream that I won the Nobel prize for the book I'm currently writing and that the boys accompanied me to accept it. So there was one moment when we were all dressed up, hair done and everything, and we were jumping on a bed in the hotel and laughing like fools. They gave an impromptu concert for everyone and some bitchy old woman sniffed and said in a really strong French accent "This is why you don't give Americans the prize." Then I woke up and shook my head in confusion.

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yeaa.. but it isnt X-rated... for some reason we were in a place like the Love Like Woe video (yes Jordan was there) and some freakish song was playin.. we were dancing but Sean wanted longer hair so he took a wig off a fat lady. and thats when i woke up.

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@iloveseanforeman i had a dream about going to a fair with sean!!! tehehe i was rudely awakened also -_- except my fair was totally retarded xD

charlotteblu's picture

oh yeah ive had some R-rated dreams about nat and im 13! is that weird?

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Yeah and my mom won't even let me sleep past 9:00 :/

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Aw I hate it when people wake you up at the best part of a dream! And that sounds awesome!!

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last night i had a really cute dream were i was sitting in my living room and i heard a knock at the door and went to go answer it and sean was standing there and he grabbed my hand and took me to a fair and we were holding hands and going on rides together and right as the fireworks were going off he kissed me... then i was rudely awakened by my brother.. who i slapped soon after

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Yeah if you got rid of my ability to dream about 3OH!3, then I just wouldn't dream anymore.

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Why do you say that like we're weird?

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ya just a couple weeks ago to it was such a good dream of nat !!!!!!

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Don't worry - not a day goes by when I don't think about him either.

i love sean foreman's picture

^(i'm addicted)

i love sean foreman's picture

i dream of him every night and think about him every day i addicted to sean foreman he's like a drug to me i need my fix of sean everyday

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Lol it's ok, I have the randomest dreams that make no sense AT ALL. One time, I had a dream that there was a tornado, so I hid in a breifcase . . . . LOLL

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I had a dream last night I was on the beach with them.

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haha yes i have dreamt of both of them! it was the best dream ever! we all were walking down the streets in New York and then we stopped and sean kissed me and then right atfer nat kissed me and then we got a hotel room and had a huge party!!!!!!!!!!!

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i had a couple of dreams that they were in, but my fav was when i was sitting on a bus with sean and he just started dancing :) lol

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lol i love nats comment! lol and i had 6 it would take to long to explain lol

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I had a dream about them yesterday. Sean, Nat, me, and like 15 other people who I knew/didn't know were running down the interstate for some reason. I remember we ran through a toll booth..... Completely RANDOM.

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Heh, I had a dream two nights ago or something like that, I was the the mall and I bumped into Sean on accident, noticed it was him and started stuttering and tears strolled down my face. He smiled. Took a picture with me, got me tickets to their show that night. I got to go backstage and Nat left us, and I was about to kiss him, then my mom barged in my room and woke me up -__-