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If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be?

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    If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be?
    Sean says (Sep 08, 2011)

    and why?

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on September 08, 2011

and why?

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My house! Make it a party and a rave ;) but if thats a little too exclusive, London will do :) x

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munich in germany :D

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My Senior Prom in Denver!

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underwater- id like to see what they would do lol

Mr Emir's picture

In Mexico City!
-Because your fans here love SO much..
-Is our BIG dream
-My country is near you... xD
-For know the beauty of our country and culture..
For this & so more... VISIT MEXICO!

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lol i love all the vulgar responses. am i lame to admit i wouldnt even care where the concert was if i could id be there? call me lame then! i should be a groupie

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the Netherlands!!
1. if you like to; we have wheet ;p (just kidding)
2. I want to see you in real life ;o
4. I live here (Joke ;p)

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In Barcelona!
1: Because I would like you to do a concert there!
2: because I would love to know 3OH! 3 especially Nat!! and
3: For just know Spain! and see how beautiful it is: D

MirandaMotte3sNat's picture

my house, so i could get a hug from Nat after :)

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OHIO !!!!!!!!!!!!! preferably Columbus because I had to miss your last concert there :( I was on my school trip to DC :(

Cheyluvzyouz's picture

Florida!! because im 12 and my mom wont let me go anywhere outside of Florida yet.... P.s. if you do go to Florida, go somewhere near Pompano Beach.. :) Pleassee???

Bessie OPM.'s picture

what about London? At night... In a beautiful and dark London park *-* woow hahah

AmazingGrace11's picture

I would do it for Colorado. Seeing how you do your concerts there might give people benefits. Or louder Punkbitch either 1 is cool

Stephanie Bernhard's picture

in Colombia cuz we love you guys wright here

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Bozeman Montana :)

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in germany, because i live there i love 3oh!3....i would say i´m obsessed

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I'd travel in the uk and any ajacent county (france, ireland etc) However I want to see 3OH!3 grow. So I'd suggest you do WAKESTOCK and as many festivals as you possibly can. Why?
Because Festivals are the Ideal place for a band like 3oh!3. Fans who may not have come accross your sound will go for other bands hear you.. go GREAT! and your fan base will expand much faster than playing selected venues... different gig maybe. in the theatre you will have dedicateds coming and singing your lyrics back at you.. in the festival you will need to do what you do best, have fun and party! and I want to be there.. and besides wakestock brought moby last year, is well attended 3 day camping. small enough to be highly charged and freindly, but large enough to rock and be worth while. And the wakeboarding goes on for the week as well, some of it within sight of the sounds. Ellen @levoyager

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Spokane, Washington U.S.A. because we loveeee you and you're sold out every time you come here because you're sooo AMAZINGG

Marília_2's picture

any state of Amazon, here in Brazil! ;)

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3OH!3 would have to come to Lowville New York because it is such a hicktown. We need their awesome lively party music to have extreme fun!!! Last and first time I saw them was at Jefferson Community College In Watertown and it was the best/first 3OH!3 concert me and my friends had ever seen!

Lil_Lost_Lenore's picture

well they have come to california lots of times and ive seen them 7 times, but if you wanna come play in my small tinny tiny home town its a little hole in the wall town, (manteca,ca) that would be the most awesome thing ever. ps you can play in my backyard. lol.

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Charlotte, NC! Last concert was great! I'm sure the next will be greater! It needs to be soon. I am feindin like a crack head for some 3OH!3. Goin thru withdrawals and $#!+

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ohh in my room! hell yes ;) but i would also like the see them play in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania again! pleeeeeaassseee! we love you guys here!: :) ohh and Dallas, Texas for my friend! pleeeassee! we looovee you! :D

Jeanne's picture

in paris under the eiffel tower because that would be amazing

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it's kinda obvious that I want to watch 'em in my home country(waaay easier) but...i feel like miami would be realy awsome

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CHICAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! chi city! you guys would love it. you guys never come here. i love you and i wanna see a show!

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MY BACKYARD, or my room ;)

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