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  • 3OH!3
    Release Date: July 02, 2007
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Average: 4.9 (114 votes)
Release date: 
July 02, 2007
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3HannaH3's picture

what album are D and D , Ojos of an Eagle & Sasquatch on ?
I want them

Maxime's picture

a classic but no copy of this album in any shop

izzieLSF's picture

Wish they had copies of this album! All their albums are super awesome! Love em!

omg unicorns's picture

i cant find any copies any where!!!!!!!!!!

ERIC's picture

OH! and dont dance isstr8 bad ass

ERIC's picture

I live in MN. and cant find any copys of first album in stores or in this sight, WTF.

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shortymcfly2010's picture

OMG they are awesome...

sophiee3OH3reid's picture

omg they are soooo awesome ive got all their albums

lizzyB.'s picture

wow i never knew hornz wuz on the 1 album

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katie3sean's picture

I love this Band So Much I bought All three of their album!!!!

ER303158's picture

Yes, they do cuss, Say'dem Up: otherfucka shake that, motherfucka fake rat, my styles so gangster bitch, it laid back, back, back, back, your posse crew, will get smack, you fuck with us, you get hit from base bat, motherfucka ged up, straight from the bed up,

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SteppingSplash's picture

nvm... they do swear...

SteppingSplash's picture

I never realized this, but they don't swear at all on this album, do they?

And I think I'd like them to maybe like, re-record this album.
I'm sure back when they released it they didn't really have a good studio (if they did use one at all).
I can tell because of the vocals. So maybe they'd consider recording this album in a top notch studio like they probably used for Streets of Gold, and re-releasing it.
I personally think it's a good idea. I'd buy it.

c-rossluv30h3's picture

fucking awesome

houssepartyy's picture

im not comin to ur party killaz

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Phillip.Carnell's picture

Ok so its not your best, but I still think most of em are pretty good. They are just different sounds then are in want and the prereleased songs from Streets Of Gold

Bobby-Barajas2's picture

amazing songs

dan_4's picture

they have a different sound in this album

Fireater989's picture

Actually hornz is kinda weird towards the end

Fireater989's picture

All these songs suck, they're just crappy songs, but hornz is pretty good

I 3 Nathaniel Motte's picture

omg my fve somgs of of thier first album is
im not commin to you party girl

stephon's picture

electroshock is awesome

ChewAy1227's picture

best ever! XD

Viccc's picture

Agree with @mario Hornz is the best one, and electroshock actually turns me on! haha

Mario_2's picture

Hornz is the best in this album

Marpie's picture

I'm Not Comin to Your Party Girl is the best.
"I wont be dancin with you giirrrl! No, I'll be dancin alooooone!" LMFAO LOVE IT. I sang it in school and everyone was like WTF!? But I just held up the 3OH!3 sign.;)