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What kind of music do you want next from 3OH!3?

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    What kind of music do you want next from 3OH!3?
    Sean says (Sep 08, 2011)


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on September 08, 2011


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TillerMcMillerLOVES_3OH3's picture

Some Old schoool 3OH!3.
Some new 3OH!3
Some chill 3OH!3
Some calm & relaxing 3OH!3

Mrz. Motte's picture

more raps would be nice but a little bit of everything would be really cool:) except country lol! but yeahh!

Photographer alex's picture

the kind of music you make !

Bessie OPM.'s picture

More songs like I'm Not The One, Still Around and D & D... and with more rock influences, please! \m/

What I love in 3OH!3 is your random styles of music, you guys have any song with a lot of influences u know and this is amazing 'cause you can appeal to different audiences. For example, although I really love 3OH! 3 and hear all the time, most of what I hear is also rock and metal! Mostly alternative rock, gothic rock, punk rock, progressive metal, gothic metal, symphonic metal ... and I know you guys like Green Day... me too! xD

oh's picture

Good music

trahan201's picture

Go back to the Olde stuff! Need to get that hard hitting bass with some electronic-rock-thrash sound of 3oh!3. I think that your self-titled "3oh!3" and "Want" albums were great; funny lyrics with great beats and sounds. I think it would be interesting if you guys dabbled in some dubstep. Great 3oh!3 raps with some dubstep, it would be insane but some classic 3oh!3 for sure!

ElenaElectroshock's picture

rock probably :)

relief's picture

More like the stuff from Want and stuff before that. I didn't like how "poppy" Streets of Gold was, more rapping! :)

Viictoriiax.3O3.x ☮'s picture


Nat's Kelli's picture

Not the shit you guys have put out recently. Hit It Again, Robot.. etc.
I love the album Want, I know you can't make all of the music sound the same and its your choice to take your music in the direction of your choice, but going from I Can't Do It Alone, to Double Vision.... enough said. Please don't sell out and stick to what you guys truly are.

Rawrrbot's picture

What I love about 3OH!3 is that they, you, fit into so many categories that you consequently fall into none. If I can put a label on it, I don't want it. Make music that sounds good, feels good and is fun to perform; and is subsequently fun for the audience.

NatAttack3OH3's picture

Anything that you guys wanna write. Rap, sing songy; I would love to hear you guys do something like "Mope" by The Bloodhound Gang. Do something that is comfortable and that is your style. You should never hate what you create.

sarat33's picture

Yeah @purple_smurfette nailed it! Want was an amazing album and so was streets of gold. To combine the 2 would be heaven on the ears!!!

Bru_Furtado's picture

I agree with @Purple_Smurfette

Purple_Smurfette's picture

just a mix of want & streets of gold..that would be awesome.. anything new from you guys would be fucking ace right now =) ooh & a lot of bass

303hatman's picture

I like it all, but my favorite things you have done so far are the more raw rap-esque tracks (Don't Dance) -you spit mad fire any time you sling; personally the less pop the better and I really hope future tracks keep progressing towards the Robot and self titled direction with you and Nat doing your own thing by yourself. But not the exact same because the creative growth is always fascinating to see and hear. Also admittedly a guest appearance of B.o.B. would be ill, he is fantastic live and recorded.

DoodleBug's picture

I love Streets of Gold and Want... try to combine the both! pop and dirty rapping. mix that all up and you get 3OH!3 :D

Anita's picture

I think I would say the "Want" kind ... You know, with those sick beats, the kind of music that wants you to jump like a mad person !

Jen's picture

i really liked the albums streets of gold and want! i like mostly the beats from want :D

MariaR's picture

Awesome, sick & hard beats! Yes, please!

Katie_TMZ's picture

Like Want and 3oh!3 (your first album).
Those sick back beats, Nat's super deep voice, and your ever clever hilarious yet deep lyrics.

neatfreak47_6's picture

PLEASE go back to your self-titled album/WANT. dope beats & dirty, hard hitting raps.

hottiechick-09's picture

I'll listen to anything you make :D but stuff like electroshock and ojos of an eagle was pretty epic....

EdnaCarolina's picture

I Love when you use more electronic, like Rich Man, Tapp, etc. but, whatever you do sounds so great. And please don't change the nature of your letters, because they are a blast, are funny, are good.

ChocolateCookie's picture

i agree with you

babyquizine's picture

I would love some recorded "old" stuff, like Ojos of an Eagle, or Key to the City.

Nath's picture

My favorite music is Still Around, i would like something like that for a new music. It would be great! Thanks for asking :F

misstonix's picture

It doesn't matter what kind, just whichever you prefer, because I seem to LOVE anything that you guys make anyway! :)