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If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be?

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    If you could watch 3OH!3 play anywhere, where would that be?
    Sean says (Sep 08, 2011)

    and why?

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on September 08, 2011

and why?

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Mrz. Motte's picture

my sweet 16 someday ;p;:) hahahaha and they need to come back to Texas!:) we need y'all back down here yah here!:)

Sean♥Superman♥'s picture

poland cuz you never had here concert

StarryJC's picture

At Ottawa's Bluesfest. The name is misleading since it's more then just blues acts that play it. We've had DWW, The Flaming Lips, Drake, Toots & the Maytals, The Steve Miller Band, Iron Maiden... I think they would fit in quite well. Everyone needs more 3oh!3 in their lives.

ElenaElectroshock's picture

In Spainnnnnn pleaseee!
because you have not ever come and We love you!

Viictoriiax.3O3.x ☮'s picture


Cath's picture

Copenhagen - Denmark loves you!! And please let iTunes share your Music outside the us!

emilyc345's picture

yall should come to columbia sc:)

Nat's Kelli's picture

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace. Just be there. but preferably, in Oregon. :)

tonguelikecandyP's picture

I would love you guys to play at my Sweet 16. FYI! ;) but um I've always wanted to go to a European show of yours like in France. Its gotta be spectacular!

Débora's picture

How about in my house? Because then we can have a house party lol

Rawrrbot's picture

When you guys played Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA) that was pretty fucking epic. All your shows are epic, but since the venue is so small and we were right at the stage, it felt like it was just me, my friends, and you guys on stage. So yeah, there.

Or Las Vegas. Because... fucking Vegas, y'know.

forevrj's picture

FRESNO, CA.!! B/C I haven't seen them yet.! ): & there are a LOT of fans here.!

anb4's picture

I've been dying to see 3oh!3 in's gonna happen and I'm gonna be front row grinning like an idiot

sarat33's picture

CLUB DIESEL IN PITTSBURGH!! I was there last halloween and its a small venue which means the energy in that room was AMAAAZING! You guys should for sure it it up again!

NatAttack3OH3's picture

Point Pleasant Boardwalk, New Jersey; that or Atlantic City. On the beach and the Boardwalk and New Jersey girls are not all like Snooki (obnoxious and whoreish). We are fun and like to party! Especially on the Beach!

alyssa's picture

Club Nokia, Los Angeles or House of Blues in Hollywood :D

MissHailee's picture

anywhere ! it dnt matter if it 3OH!3

Purple_Smurfette's picture

the mooooooooooonnnnnnnn...
nah, that shits to expensive...
in the my hometown!!
in my house!! oh my word..yes my house..your welcome any i live 30 seconds away from a pub ;)

303hatman's picture

The Fox theater is right up there since the shows there are ALWAYS top notch and has nostalgia for me. But in my wildest dreams you would be playing my place in Boulder for my 21st b-day because it would be absolutely insane and awesome. It would just have tons of super cool people at the super intimate show and some house shows I have been to of local bands (Inca House) have been the best shows I have seen by them so far -but being signed to a label among other things makes this dream pretty much impossible.

Marília_2's picture

Here in Brazil. At any state of the Amazon!!!!! ;D ?

DoodleBug's picture

at a house party, my home, or play in Downtown Chicago again :D

bbecton's picture

Lubbock, TX because I have always wanted to see 3OH!3 live but all the shows are too far away!!

brittanyxfortte's picture

in front of Hogwarts castle at Islands of Adventure, Orlando FL. because Harry Potter is my favorite thing ever (besides you guys) so combining the two would be the best day ever.

Anita's picture

In Paris, cause it's simply where I live

Jen's picture

New Jersey!!:D
or maybe even in my backyard lol

Sean♥Superman♥'s picture

in Poland because they never had a concert here

MariaR's picture

Norway! =) you've never been here, and that's a shame.. :/

Katie_TMZ's picture

At my own HOUSE PARTY in Atlanta,
I've seen you guys consecutively each year except for last, because you did come to GA, which was kind of heart breaking.

Numbie's picture

In any club in Prague, Czech Republic... 'cuz your show in London was sold out when I was there! :-/

Lisa_3's picture

germany :) -> in hamburg or bremen