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Is it important that artists write their own music?

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    Is it important that artists write their own music?
    Nat says (Sep 08, 2011)

    ...or do you not care as long as the songs are dope?

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on September 08, 2011

...or do you not care as long as the songs are dope?

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I prefer when the singer write the song but it's not that important for me

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it's very important , i like to listen songs that have been written by the own artist, it shows he is not just a singer , he is able to compose and put his feelings in song and show it while he performs it on stage

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I only like to listen to music that is written by the artist. Its an important part of the creative process which links the artist to the song so they can deliver it the best they can

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No it's not important. An artist can take a song written by someone else, put their own emotion into it and make it their own.

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i don't care as long as their songs are dope lol:)

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i think they should write their own music because it shows that they can actually make their own stuff without somebody doing it for them!

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to my opinion that the write .. is as sincere with your feelings
Sorry for my English

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Yes please.

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I'm 50/50. I think the music is what connects the audience to the artist. I like knowing that the lyrics I relate to and the music I feel moved by come from the person(s) I am investing time (and money) into. If it is a collaboration and the artists still have control, then I'm fine with it. It's only really important that the songs belong to the artists; that they own it and love it.

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First of all, the word "dope" is done. The word to use is "BANGIN". Second of all, it is important to come from the Artist because it has more of a sentimental feeling. I mean, songs written by other artists for artists can be pretty good; it is just not as fun when it is not your own thoughts. It is like making someone type a paper for your class; not what you write like at all.

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I think it's important that artists write their own music

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i think all artists should write their own music, it shows us more of an insight into their mind..if that makes sense

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I am adamant that artists should write their own music, with very few exceptions, they aren't artists if they don't.

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write their own music! its talks about their life and just how creative they are in their mind haha :D

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I think it's important that artists write their own music. If they write it themselves that makes the song more awesome and shows that the artist is more interested in in their profession than doing it for the money.

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I think you cannot call someone a real artist if he doesn't write his own music, but I would listen to it if it's catchy of course ! So yes it is important to me but I don't think I would check out who made the music.

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I agree so much with the others responds. It's increadibly important that the artists write their own music, 'cause that shows that they stay true to their own paths and thoughts; that they truely care for the music and make enough effort for the fans. :)

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I prefer it when they write their own music. It's more personal, and I just feel less forced, if that makes sense..

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i prefer it when the artists write their own music, because its more personal :)

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I think I appreciate it more when artists write their own music because then it seems more personal to them. Plus it means that they've put that extra effort making it! :)