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Nat's long hair or Sean's chest hair?

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    Nat's long hair or Sean's chest hair?
    Sean says (Aug 26, 2011)

    pick one

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on August 26, 2011

pick one

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Nat needs to get rid of that 80's haircut and your chest is long over due for a wax job.

ChloLuvs3OH3x's picture

sean's chest hair :D hard decision though as i love long hair xD

alyssa_is_a_ducky's picture

Nat's long hair- our hair is about the same length. It's really kind of awesome.

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Nat's hair, i love hot guys with long hair

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jajjajajjajjajajajajajja, why are you askin' that kind of crap
i'll rather sean's chest hair

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nats long hair too many guys with short hair and its boooriiinnnggg

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It's both a bit of digusting xd.
but it makes you both unique and recognizable ;p.
but if i have to choose, I'll choose for your chest hair hahaha ;p

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Nat's long hair Sorry SEan but Nat its so sexy!! :P jijijijiiji but you are very handsome too

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Nats long hair. He is so sexy, I´m sorry Sean your hot to but Nat is so awesome :)

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Sean`s chest hair . Lol

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nat's long hair :)

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seans chest hair ;)

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seans chest hair ill cuddle my head on it like a pillow.

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Nats long hair fo sho! Dirty things come to mind!


Comcast Theater in Hartford, CT! I can never make it when you guys play there at Warped, you guys should play there on a tour or just for fun. Especially since i still have never gotten to see you guys live and are my fav.

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nats hair long

MrsNathanielWarrenSethMotte's picture

nat's long hair of course!

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chest hair! hands down!

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nat's long hair

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Nat's long hair , but believe me , your chest hair is kinda sexy hahahaha lol

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Sean's chest hair on Nat's head.

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Nat's long lush hair :3

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Nat's long hair duhh lol:)

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Sean's chest hair. But I still like Nat better.

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Nat. Every time.

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nat's long hair. its adorable!

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Thiiis is a tough one. I think.... yes. Chest hair. Sean's chest hair.

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Nat's long hair.(;