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How many 3OH!3 merchandise do you own? :)

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    How many 3OH!3 merchandise do you own? :)
    mandar303 says (Nov 11, 2010)

    So far i have 4 shirts and a purse :) not a lot at all but im getting more soon! haha

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on November 11, 2010

So far i have 4 shirts and a purse :) not a lot at all but im getting more soon! haha

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RonjaMotte's picture

2 T-shirts one neckleace and a bag I´m gonna buy more after my birth day

DirtyMind's picture

I've 2 t-shirts :3

DoOrDie's picture

I've got a T-shirt and Streets Of Gold Deluxe Edition C:

Ann.ika's picture

3 3oh!3 Shirts, WANT Deluxe Edition and Streets Of Gold Deluxe Edition :D

Mrz. Motte's picture

and i own the streets of gold album:)

joshie's picture

not much :(

just 2 cds < need to get more

Mrz. Motte's picture

lol okayy!!!!

mandar303's picture

haha yeah that could count! :)

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uhh what if i made a t-shirt?? does that count??

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Not a lot.. unfortunately. :(

Jen's picture

i have 1 shirt amd 1 hoodie but trust me i'm getting A LOT more stuff from 3OH!3 for christmas. Can't wait to get it all.

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2 shirts... trust me, i would've gotten more if i do go to their concert lol

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Lets see I have a signed orange and white 3OH!3 shirt, a pink I heart 3OH!3 shirt, a SOG shirt, the "reading rainbow" 3OH!3 shirt, a 3OH!3 purse, an I know how to say shirt, 3OH!3 silly bands, the deluxe SOG package, a 4x4 foot SOG poster, a signed phone, signed ticket, a signed poster, a necklace, a bandana, and want.

Charlotte Punk Btch's picture

I have a tshirt from their gig in London, tshirt with Nat and Sean on the front, I'm not your girlfriend baby tshirt, signed streets of gold album and signed gig ticket from London, Want album, Streets of gold with the comic, t-shirt and poster! =D That's it so far!

Keiko's picture

i have 2 shirts! i ordered foodie,shirt,necklace,and bandana at 30% off price. i cant wait them getting me in Japan :D

i NEED XS size foodie! please make XS one....

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dang!!! i wish i can own that much shirts! thats pretty sweet! :)

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2 hoodies and like 21 shirts maybe, idk exactly, is all for clothing merchandise.

mandar303's picture

haha yeah its a very cute purse! i got it from hot topic!

devanicole's picture

not much:( lol just 2 shirts but im getting more soon:D

egirl98's picture

i wish i had more...and a purse? Where did you get it!? I WANT!

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i have a hoody and 3 shirts :D