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Best Feature of Nat/Sean??

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    Best Feature of Nat/Sean??
    devanicole says (Oct 13, 2010)

    Nats Voice and Seans FACE!!!!!!!

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on October 13, 2010

Nats Voice and Seans FACE!!!!!!!

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ChloLuvs3OH3x's picture

nat's hair and sense of humour, seans beautiful eyes, smile, face and personality :D :))

TillerMcMillerLOVES_3OH3's picture

personality. and everything thing else

DoodleBug's picture

nat: everywhere!
sean: cute smile and laugh lol

Ball3rado's picture

Nat - Voice, body and personality, and basically everything. Sean - face :)

Sophie_5's picture

everything about sean:] and nat has a pretty awesome personality :)xx

egirl98's picture

Nat's voice body and hair... Sean's voice smile...EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM~~~!!!! :)

joshie's picture

nats hair and seans tats

Mrz. Motte's picture

nat's face body smile hair and omg EVERYTHING!!!!

nathanielmottesWIFE.ox's picture

Nats everything lmao

Jen's picture

Sean: his whole body:) HAWT! Sean has a very Cute smile:)

Charlotte Punk Btch's picture

SEAN- His whole body and sexy smile XD Niceeee!!
NAT- His Cuteness lol

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Courtney_7's picture

Seans face and Nats talent??
Well I love all about em! :)

Dewi's picture

Nat's hair :p

Sophie_5's picture

sean's gorgeous smile :) xx